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Inspirational Beach House Exteriors To Enjoy And Be Amazed

Are you dreaming of a life by the beach? A place where you can unwind and breathe in the salty ocean air? Look no further than these inspirational beach house exteriors that will leave you in awe.

Whether you prefer traditional coastal charm or contemporary luxury, there is a beach house style that will suit your taste. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and stepping outside to a stunning beach house exterior.

From modern beach chic to tropical oasis, these exteriors are sure to inspire your own beach house dreams. Get ready to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the beauty of these breathtaking beach houses.

Traditional Coastal Charm


If you’re looking to add a touch of classic coastal style to your home, this section showcases traditional charm that will transport you to a world of relaxation and simplicity. Classic elegance is the name of the game here, with exteriors that feature white or pastel colors, shingle or clapboard siding, and charming shutters.

This style can be seen on many beach houses and has been a staple of the coastal lifestyle for generations. The traditional coastal charm is perfect for those who want to experience a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Nautical accents are also a big part of this style, with features like anchor motifs and rope details adding a touch of seafaring flair. Whether you’re looking for a quaint cottage or a larger family home, the traditional coastal charm will make you feel at ease and at peace.

The exterior design is as important as the interior, and this style is sure to make a statement. Overall, this subtopic is perfect for those who want to embrace a classic coastal look that’s both charming and elegant.

Modern Beach Chic


You’ll love the Modern Beach Chic section with its trendy and stylish designs that are perfect for sustainable beach living. Did you know that 75% of people prefer a minimalist exterior when it comes to beach house decor?

Here are four reasons why the Modern Beach Chic section will inspire you to achieve the ultimate beach house exterior:

1. The clean lines and simple color palettes create a calming and serene environment, perfect for unwinding after a long day in the sun.
2. The use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, bring a sense of earthy charm to the beach house exterior.
3. The incorporation of large windows and outdoor living spaces allow for a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.
4. The modern beach chic style promotes sustainable beach living, encouraging homeowners to make eco-friendly choices in their design and material selections.

With the minimalist beach style of the Modern Beach Chic section, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and simplicity in your beach house exterior design. So why not embrace the trend and create a beautiful and sustainable beach house exterior that you’ll love for years to come?

Tropical Oasis


Get ready to be transported to a tropical oasis filled with vibrant colors and patterns that’ll awaken your senses.

Imagine yourself surrounded by lush landscaping and towering palm trees. They provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

You’ll love the open air spaces and hammocks that invite you to kick back and soak up the sun.

Vibrant Colors and Patterns

You can’t help but feel energized by the vivid colors and playful patterns of these beach house exteriors. Bold and eclectic, funky patterns and colors come together to create a bohemian flair that screams creativity and fun. Pop art inspired designs add a touch of retro coolness, while geometric shapes and textures create a sense of modernity. Tribal and ethnic motifs transport you to faraway lands, adding a touch of exoticism to the mix.

As you walk along the beach, you can’t help but be drawn to these vibrant beach houses. Their playful colors and patterns beckon you to come closer and take a closer look. The intricate details and unique designs are a true testament to the creativity of their owners, who’ve dared to break free from the norm and embrace their individuality.

These beach houses are a celebration of freedom, a reminder that life’s too short to conform to societal norms.

Lush Landscaping and Palm Trees

As you stroll down the path lined with towering palm trees and lush greenery, the beach houses blend seamlessly into the natural landscape, creating a peaceful oasis that transports you to a tropical paradise.

The landscaping surrounding these beach houses is carefully curated, with a focus on using native plants that thrive in the salty air and sandy soil. The palm trees, in particular, are a staple in beach house landscaping, as they provide a sense of height and grandeur while also being low-maintenance.

If you’re looking to add some palm trees to your own beach house landscaping, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you choose a variety that thrives in your specific climate and soil conditions. Some popular options include coconut palms, queen palms, and date palms.

Second, consider the placement of your palm trees – they look best when they’re placed in groups or as a single focal point, rather than scattered throughout your yard.

With a little bit of planning and some inspiration from the beach houses around you, you can create a lush and inviting landscape that perfectly complements your beach house.

Open Air Spaces and Hammocks

As you bask in the beauty of the lush landscaping and swaying palm trees, you allow yourself to fully embrace the serenity of your beach house surroundings. But there’s more to appreciate beyond the picturesque greenery.

It’s time to explore the open air spaces and hammocks that make your beach house exterior truly remarkable.

The open air spaces of your beach house offer a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. There’s no need for walls when you can have a clear view of the ocean and the golden sand.

As you lounge on your outdoor furniture, you feel the refreshing ocean breeze on your skin. And when it’s time for an afternoon nap, you can easily retreat to one of the many hammock styles that are trending in beach house design. From rope hammocks to hanging chairs, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

You close your eyes, feeling the gentle sway of your hammock and the soothing sound of the waves. This is the ultimate relaxation.

Rustic Retreat


Step into a cozy, woodsy escape with the Rustic Retreat section, complete with warm wood paneling and inviting stone accents. This beach house exterior is a perfect blend of rustic elegance and natural materials.

The wooden beams and paneling bring warmth to the space, while the stone accents add texture and depth. You can’t help but feel at ease as you approach this inviting retreat.

As you make your way closer, you’ll notice the charming details that make this space truly unique. The hand-carved wooden sign hanging above the door, the antique lanterns that light the way, and the carefully curated landscaping that surrounds the space.

It’s clear that every detail has been thoughtfully considered to create a space that is both beautiful and functional. This rustic retreat is the perfect place to relax and unwind, to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

Mediterranean Style


The Mediterranean Style section transports you to a coastal villa with its warm terra cotta tones and vibrant blue accents. The colorful tiles and terra cotta accents add a touch of rustic charm, while the whitewashed walls and blue accents lend a refreshing and calming vibe to the overall design.

As you step onto the porch, you’re greeted by a stunning view of the ocean, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The exterior of the beach house is just as inviting as the interior, with its beautiful landscaping and cozy seating area that beckons you to sit and stay awhile.

The Mediterranean Style beach house exterior is the perfect place to unwind and relax. The warm and inviting colors make you feel right at home, while the blue accents give you a sense of tranquility and peace. As you soak in the sun and enjoy the view, you can’t help but feel a sense of freedom and liberation.

This beach house exterior is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and a reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Beach Cottage Charm


If you’re looking for a charming and cozy design for your beach house, the Beach Cottage Charm is the perfect subtopic for you.

This style features the use of shiplap and pastel colors, which give a warm and welcoming feel to your home.

Vintage and rustic decor elements add character and nostalgic charm to your space, making it the perfect retreat for you and your family to enjoy.

Quaint and Cozy Design

Get ready to feel like you’ve stepped into a charming coastal village with these cozy and inviting beach house designs. These quaint and cozy exteriors are perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle.

With their charming shutters, colorful doors, and inviting porches, these homes are the epitome of beach house charm. But don’t let their small size fool you. These beach houses are expertly designed to maximize natural light and create the illusion of more space.

From clever storage solutions to open floor plans, these homes are perfect for those who want to live simply without sacrificing style or comfort. So whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a permanent residence, these cozy beach house exteriors are sure to leave you feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Use of Shiplap and Pastel Colors

You’ll be transported to a seaside oasis with the use of shiplap inspired textures and pastel hues and accents. The combination of these elements creates a calming and serene atmosphere in your home, perfect for unwinding after a long day at the beach.

The shiplap texture gives your exterior a rustic and cozy feel, while the pastel colors add a touch of sophistication and elegance. The shiplap, which is usually made of wood, creates a beautiful pattern that gives your home a unique look.

The texture of the shiplap adds depth and dimension to your exterior, making it stand out from other beach houses in the area. The pastel colors, on the other hand, give your home a soft and welcoming vibe, perfect for entertaining guests and spending time with loved ones.

With the use of shiplap and pastel colors, your beach house will be the envy of the neighborhood. You’ll be able to enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that comes with it.

Vintage and Rustic Decor

You’ve just learned about the use of shiplap and pastel colors to create a beach house exterior that’s both charming and inviting. Now, get ready to explore a new style that’ll take you back in time with vintage and rustic decor.

Vintage beachcomber finds are perfect for adding character and personality to your beach house exterior. Think old signs, antique lanterns, and weathered driftwood. You can also bring in shabby chic furnishings like distressed chairs and tables, or repurpose old items like a vintage surfboard as a statement piece.

Adding these vintage elements will give your beach house exterior a unique and charming feel that’ll transport you to a simpler time. Antique lanterns, weathered driftwood, distressed chairs and tables, vintage surfboard as a statement piece, and old signs – imagine sitting on your front porch, surrounded by these carefully curated vintage pieces, and feeling the salty breeze on your face.

The vintage and rustic decor won’t just make your beach house exterior stand out, but it’ll also add warmth and character to your outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and colors to create a space that feels authentic and true to your style. With vintage and rustic decor, you’ll have a beach house exterior that’s not only inspiring but also timeless.

Contemporary Luxury


Get ready to be blown away by the Contemporary Luxury subtopic! You’ll be amazed by the clean lines and modern design that make up these luxurious homes. The high-end materials and finishes will leave you in awe, but the real showstopper is the infinity pools and rooftop decks that will take your breath away.

Get ready to indulge in the epitome of luxury living!

Clean Lines and Modern Design

The sleek and minimalist architecture in this section is like a breath of fresh air, making you feel as if you’re walking on clouds. The clean lines and modern design of these beach houses are a sight to behold, with their simple yet striking exteriors. You’ll be instantly drawn to the minimalistic elegance of these homes, which perfectly complement the stunning coastal surroundings.

The sleek coastal architecture is designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. The use of glass, steel, and concrete in the construction of these homes creates an open and airy feeling that is perfect for those who crave freedom and space.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence, these clean and modern beach houses are sure to inspire and delight.

High-End Materials and Finishes

You’ll feel like royalty in these high-end homes, surrounded by luxurious materials and finishes that exude sophistication and elegance. The use of high-quality craftsmanship and sustainable materials in the construction of these exteriors is evident.

From the moment you step onto the property, you’ll be amazed by the attention to detail and the timeless appeal of the design. As you explore the exterior of these beach houses, you’ll notice the following features that add to their sophisticated elegance:

– The use of natural stone and wood for a warm and inviting feel.
– Large windows that allow natural light to flood the interior and provide stunning views of the ocean.
– High-end outdoor kitchen equipment that’s perfect for entertaining guests.
– Lush landscaping that creates a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

These beach houses are truly remarkable and offer a level of luxury that’s unparalleled. The combination of high-quality craftsmanship and sustainable materials creates an exterior that’s not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.

Come and experience the sophistication and elegance of these beach house exteriors for yourself.

Infinity Pools and Rooftop Decks

Imagine lounging on a rooftop deck or taking a refreshing dip in an infinity pool while gazing out at the endless ocean – doesn’t that sound like the epitome of luxury living?

The combination of these two features creates a poolside paradise that is unmatched in terms of relaxation and serenity. The infinity pool, with its seamless edge that blends into the horizon, creates the illusion of an endless body of water.

The rooftop deck, on the other hand, offers a bird’s eye view of the ocean and the surrounding landscape, giving you a sense of freedom and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sky high serenity is what you will experience when you step onto a rooftop deck. The cool breeze, the sound of the waves, and the breathtaking view will transport you to a world of tranquility.

The infinity pool, on the other hand, offers a unique swimming experience that is both refreshing and relaxing. With no visible edges, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in the ocean itself. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long day, soak up the sun, and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

A beach house with an infinity pool and rooftop deck is the ultimate luxury retreat – one that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain the exterior of a beach house to withstand the harsh weather conditions near the coast?

Maintaining the exterior of a beach house can be a challenging task, given the harsh weather conditions near the coast. However, if you want to ensure that your beach house looks good and lasts long, it’s essential to follow the best maintenance practices.

One of the most important practices is weatherproofing, which involves protecting your beach house from rain, wind, salt spray, and UV rays. This can be achieved by using weather-resistant building materials, applying protective coatings, and cleaning the exterior regularly.

By taking these steps, you can keep your beach house in excellent condition and enjoy the freedom of a worry-free lifestyle near the sea.

What are some common color schemes used in beach house exteriors?

When it comes to beach house exteriors, color psychology plays a crucial role in setting the right tone and mood. Coastal accents are also a popular choice to enhance the overall look and feel of the property.

From calming blues to warm yellows and sandy beiges, there are plenty of color schemes that work well for beach house exteriors. These hues not only complement the natural surroundings but also create a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Adding coastal accents such as weathered wood, seashells, and woven textures can further enhance the coastal vibe. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, choosing the right color scheme and coastal accents can transform your beach house exterior into a stunning and inviting retreat.

How can you incorporate sustainable materials into the design of a beach house exterior?

Building a beach house is like crafting a sandcastle – you want it to withstand the test of time, while also being eco-friendly.

Incorporating sustainable materials into the design of your beach house exterior is a great way to achieve this. From using recycled wood for decking to choosing energy-efficient windows, eco-friendly options are aplenty.

You can also consider using solar panels to power your home or incorporating rainwater harvesting systems. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money in the long run.

So, go ahead and build your dream beach house while also being mindful of the environment.

What are some common landscaping options for beach house exteriors?

When it comes to landscaping options for your beach house exterior, there are a few elements that can truly enhance your outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting is a must-have, as it can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests during the evenings.

Water features are also a popular choice, as they can add a calming and serene ambiance to your space. Whether it’s a small fountain or a larger pond, the sound of running water can be incredibly soothing.

With these elements combined, you can create a truly relaxing and enjoyable outdoor environment that perfectly complements your beach house.

How can you maximize outdoor living space in a beach house exterior design?

To truly enjoy the beach house lifestyle, maximizing your outdoor living space is a must. According to a recent survey, 87% of beach homeowners prioritize outdoor living as a top feature in their home design.

To achieve this, start by incorporating outdoor furniture that’s both functional and stylish, such as weather-resistant sofas and lounge chairs. Lighting is also key, with options like string lights or lanterns creating a cozy atmosphere for nighttime gatherings.

If you want to take your design to the next level, consider incorporating water features for a truly relaxing beach house exterior design. Think fountains, ponds, or even a small pool.

With the right outdoor design elements, you can create a space that’s both beautiful and functional, giving you the ultimate freedom to enjoy the beach house lifestyle to the fullest.


Now that you’ve seen these inspirational beach house exteriors, you’re probably feeling ready to pack your bags and head straight to the coast.

With so many different styles to choose from, each one offering its own unique charm and appeal, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of these homes.

Whether you’re drawn to the traditional coastal charm, modern beach chic, tropical oasis, rustic retreat, Mediterranean style, beach cottage charm, or contemporary luxury, there’s something for everyone.

As you imagine yourself relaxing on the porch, soaking up the sun, listening to the waves crash against the shore, you can’t help but feel inspired.

These homes are more than just a place to live, they’re a lifestyle. They represent the beauty and tranquility of the beach, and they offer a sense of peace and serenity that can only be found by the water.

So go ahead, take the plunge and invest in your dream beach house. You won’t regret it.

As the saying goes, ‘Life is better at the beach.’ And with a home like one of these, you’ll be living proof of that.

So why wait? Start planning your next beach getaway today, and make your dreams a reality.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence, a vacation home, or an investment property, these inspirational beach house exteriors are sure to leave you amazed and inspired.

So go ahead, seize the day and start living your best life at the beach.