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Soak Up The Sun Discover The Best 5 Beach Resorts In Fort Lauderdale

Are you ready to soak up the sun and feel the sand between your toes? Fort Lauderdale is the perfect destination for beach lovers, with its warm weather and stunning coastline. In fact, Fort Lauderdale has over 23 miles of beaches, making it a top destination for tourists and locals alike.

But with so many beach resorts to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to stay. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best 5 beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation without any stress.

From luxurious accommodations to breathtaking ocean views, these resorts have everything you need to make your beach vacation unforgettable. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to discover the best beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale.

The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale


Step into The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale and feel the luxury wash over you like a warm ocean wave. This beachfront resort boasts luxury amenities and top-notch service that will make your stay unforgettable.

From the moment you step into the lobby, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who are ready to cater to your every need.

Relax in your oceanfront room and take in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also enjoy the resort’s amenities such as the infinity pool, spa, and fitness center.

The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place to soak up the sun and indulge in a luxurious beach vacation.

The Pelican Grand Beach Resort


As you step into the luxurious haven of the Pelican Grand Beach Resort, you’ll be transported to a world of understated elegance and unparalleled comfort. This beachfront resort boasts 156 guest rooms and suites, all offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean or the Intracoastal Waterway.

The rooms are designed with your comfort in mind, featuring plush bedding, flat-screen TVs, and luxury amenities such as marble bathrooms, minibars, and complimentary Wi-Fi. But the Pelican Grand Beach Resort is not just about indulging in luxury amenities.

It also offers a wide range of beach activities to keep you entertained. Take a dip in the oceanfront pool, or relax on the private beach with a refreshing cocktail. For the more adventurous, there are kayaks and paddleboards available for rent, and the resort’s concierge can help you plan a variety of water activities, including jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling.

With so much to do, you’ll never want to leave this beach paradise.

The W Fort Lauderdale


You’ll feel like a VIP as you lounge in the modern and chic atmosphere of the W Fort Lauderdale. This luxurious beachfront resort boasts sleek design and stunning views of the ocean, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway.

Enjoy the luxury amenities that the W Fort Lauderdale has to offer, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, an infinity pool, and a world-class spa.

The W Fort Lauderdale is a gem among the beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale. Its prime location on the beachfront provides guests with endless opportunities to soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean.

With its plush accommodations and upscale atmosphere, this resort is the perfect place to escape and indulge in some much-needed R&R.

Book your stay at the W Fort Lauderdale and experience the ultimate in luxury beachfront living.

The Atlantic Hotel & Spa


If you’re looking for a luxurious escape that offers stunning ocean views and modern design, check out the Atlantic Hotel & Spa. Here’s a link to their webpage: Atlantic Hotel & Spa.

This beachfront resort boasts of lavish amenities that cater to your every need. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and exceptional service that will make you feel right at home.

Here are some of the luxury amenities that you can enjoy during your stay at the Atlantic Hotel & Spa:

– Relax and rejuvenate at the award-winning spa, which offers a range of treatments such as massages, facials, and body wraps.
– Take a dip in the outdoor pool overlooking the ocean, or lounge on the sundeck with a refreshing drink in hand.
– Dine in style at the on-site restaurant, Coastal, which serves up a delicious menu of fresh seafood and other culinary delights.

With its oceanfront location, upscale amenities, and impeccable service, the Atlantic Hotel & Spa is the perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious beach escape.

So why wait? Book your stay today and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience.

The Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach


If you’re looking for spacious suites with breathtaking ocean views, beachfront dining, and a rooftop bar with stunning vistas, then The Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach is the place for you.

Not only that, but you’ll also have access to top-notch spa and fitness facilities, making it the perfect destination for those who want to relax and recharge.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach has everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

Spacious Suites with Ocean Views

The rooms with a view of the ocean are pretty roomy and comfy. You can relax in your spacious suite while taking in stunning views of the beach. The Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach offers luxury amenities to make your stay even more enjoyable.

To make the most of your beachfront relaxation, here are three things you can do in your suite:

1. Enjoy a cup of coffee on your private balcony while watching the sunrise.
2. Take a bubble bath in the deep soaking tub.
3. Lounge on the plush king-sized bed while watching your favorite shows on the flat-screen TV.

With these options available, you’ll feel like you’re in your own little paradise.

The Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort for a truly relaxing vacation.

Beachfront Dining and Rooftop Bar

Now that you’ve settled into your spacious suite with breathtaking ocean views, it’s time to explore the beachfront dining options at your resort. You won’t have to go far to find delicious cuisine and refreshing beachfront cocktails.

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, savory steaks, or creative cocktails, the resort’s restaurants and bars have something for everyone. Take in the stunning ocean views while savoring a delicious meal at the oceanfront restaurant.

Or head up to the rooftop bar for a lively atmosphere and panoramic views of the city and ocean. Indulge in handcrafted cocktails and small bites as you watch the vibrant sunset.

With beachfront dining and rooftop bar options, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery while satisfying your taste buds.

Spa and Fitness Facilities

Get ready to unwind and feel rejuvenated with the amazing spa and fitness facilities available at your beach resort in Fort Lauderdale. Indulge in a variety of spa treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. From massages to facials, the skilled therapists at the resort will take care of all your needs.

You can also enjoy a soak in the hot tub or take a dip in the pool to ease any tension in your muscles. If you’re looking for an invigorating workout, the resort has a range of fitness classes available. Join a yoga class on the beach or try your hand at paddleboarding for a fun and challenging workout.

For those who prefer to hit the gym, the resort has a fully equipped fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment. Whatever your fitness level or preference, the resort has something to offer. So, take some time for yourself and enjoy the spa and fitness facilities at your beach resort in Fort Lauderdale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pet-friendly beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale?

Looking for a beach getaway with your furry friend? Look no further than Fort Lauderdale’s pet-friendly accommodations and dog-friendly beaches.

You and your pup can soak up the sun and enjoy the salty ocean air at one of the many beach resorts that welcome pets. Take a stroll along the sandy shores or play fetch in the waves at Las Olas Beach, where dogs are allowed on a leash.

After a long day in the sun, retire to one of the cozy pet-friendly rooms at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa or The Pillars Hotel. With plenty of options for you and your furry companion, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect destination for a summer vacation with your best friend by your side.

Which beach resort offers the best spa services?

Looking for a beach resort that offers the ultimate spa experience? Look no further than our recommended resort in Fort Lauderdale. The top-rated therapists and unique spa treatments will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Indulge in a variety of massages, facials, and body treatments. From hot stone massages to seaweed wraps, our spa offers a range of treatments that are sure to satisfy your every need. So why wait? Treat yourself to a day of pampering at our top-rated beach resort and experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. You deserve it!

Are there any beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale that offer all-inclusive vacation packages?

Looking for an all-inclusive vacation package in Fort Lauderdale? Look no further!

There are several beach resorts in the area that offer all-inclusive options, complete with meals, drinks, and entertainment. And the best part? Many of these resorts offer discounts and promotions, making your dream vacation even more affordable.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, there’s an all-inclusive resort in Fort Lauderdale that’s perfect for you.

So why wait? Book your all-inclusive vacation today and start enjoying the freedom of a worry-free getaway.

Can non-guests access the amenities at these beach resorts?

You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the luxury amenities of the beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale. Many of them offer day passes for visitors who want to soak up the sun in style.

Guest access is not restricted to overnight stays, so you can enjoy the pools, spas, and fitness centers for a day. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to read a book or a place to party with friends, there’s a resort that will fit your style.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, try out some of the water sports and activities available on the beaches. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the best of Fort Lauderdale’s beach resorts, even if you’re not a guest.

After all, life’s a beach!

Are there any beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale that offer water sports and activities?

Looking for a beach resort in Fort Lauderdale that offers water sports options and activities? Look no further!

There are several beach resorts in the area that cater to your adventurous spirit. At the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, you can choose from a variety of water sports, including jet skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding.

The W Fort Lauderdale also offers a range of activities, from beach volleyball to yoga classes. And if you’re looking for something truly unique, check out the B Ocean Resort, where you can take a surfing lesson or rent a stand-up paddleboard.

Whatever your preference, these beach resorts have you covered. So why wait? Book your stay today and get ready to make a splash!


So there you have it! The best 5 beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale are all waiting for you to come soak up the sun and enjoy their luxurious accommodations.

Whether you choose The Ritz-Carlton, Pelican Grand Beach Resort, W Fort Lauderdale, Atlantic Hotel & Spa, or Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach, you’re in for a treat.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “But these resorts are expensive, and I can’t afford that kind of luxury.” While it’s true that these resorts may not fit every budget, it’s important to remember the value of investing in yourself and taking time to relax and rejuvenate.

Sometimes, it’s worth splurging on a little bit of luxury to recharge your batteries and come back to the real world feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

So, if you’re in need of a little bit of rest and relaxation, consider treating yourself to a stay at one of these amazing beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale. You won’t regret it!