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Towns Near Barcelona With A Beach: 15 Surprising Playa Coastal Beaches

Towns near Barcelona with a beach are hidden gems waiting to be explored. Just a stone’s throw from the bustling city, these coastal havens offer a serene escape into a world of sandy shores and azure waters. From the lively streets of Sitges, known for its nine blue flag beaches and vibrant nightlife, to the family-friendly shores of Calella with its calm waters perfect for paddleboarding and swimming, each town near Barcelona boasts its unique charm. With the Mediterranean Sea as my guide, I wonder, do these towns near Barcelona with a beach hold the secret to the perfect seaside getaway?

A crowded beach on the coast of Barcelona, 2024 Best Towns Near Barcelona With A Beach: 15 Tops Spots

So, what are the best towns near Barcelona with a beach? They include: Salou, Lloret de Mar, Calella de Palafrugell, Calella, Tarragona, Blanes, Sitges, Palafrugell, Sant Pol de Mar, Vilanova I La Geltrú, and Tossa de Mar. Each of these towns offers a unique experience, providing diverse options for those seeking sun, sea, and relaxation.

Key Takeaways

  • Sitges is known as Catalonia’s Pride and offers nine blue flag beaches and a vibrant nightlife with beach bars and clubs.
  • Castelldefels is easily accessible from Barcelona via direct train links and offers a 3-mile long pristine beach with opportunities for water sports like kite surfing and paddleboarding.
  • Calella is a family-friendly coastal town with calm waters and beaches ideal for paddleboarding and swimming, including the secluded and quieter El Golfet Beach.
  • Badalona provides a tranquil beach experience away from crowded sands, along with a charming seaside town atmosphere, cobbled streets, and quaint restaurants.

Barcelona is a beautiful city located in Catalonia, Spain. The city has a vibrant culture, wonderful food, and gorgeous beaches. These towns have beautiful beaches and offer visitors a chance to relax and unwind.

These towns have beautiful beaches and offer visitors a chance to relax and unwind. They also have plenty of activities to do, such as surfing, swimming, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

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Consider these statistics about the Costa Brava region that includes Barcelona:

  • Statistics: The region is known for its 245 beaches and coves, with picturesque villages such as Lloret de Mar, San Felíu de Guixols, Palamós, and Port-Bou. (Source)
  • Statistics: Lloret de Mar alone attracts over 40% of the Costa Brava’s tourists and is famous for its summer visitors on package holidays. (Source)
  • Statistics: The region is also known for its outstanding gastronomy and is a popular tourist destination, offering a variety of activities such as camping, hiking, and water sports. (Source)

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Let’s set off on this journey to discover each near-Barcelona town in detail. I had the occasion to visit Barcelona and and surrounding beach towns over ten times, I’ll try to point out the best things to see. For the towns that I’ve personally visited, I’ll provide you with an overview and my impressions of the beaches, and you can also delve into my personal thoughts and experiences below.

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Are There Nice Beaches Near Barcelona

There are a lot of nice beaches near Barcelona. Some popular ones include the beaches of Costa Brava, Calella de Palacio, and Barceloneta. 

There are many beaches near Barcelona to the north and south of the city, which can be reached by train or bus. If you prefer not to bother with trains, buses, or car rentals, then book a beach day tour for small groups.

Here is a list of the beaches in Barcelona and on the outskirts (up and down the coast). 

  • – Platja de Palma
  • – Platja d’Aro
  • – Platja de la Barceloneta
  • – Platja de la Mar Bella
  • – Platja de Sant Sebastià
  • – Platja de Sant Joan
  • – Platja de Ses Barques
  • – Platja de Sant Pere
  • – Platja de Sant Miquel
  • – Platja de Sant Sebastià

What is the Nicest Beach in Barcelona

The nicest beach in Barcelona is called La Barceloneta. The beach features a wide stretch of sand where tourists can enjoy the palm trees and clear waters. It also has a nice view of the sea and its own small pier for boats.

The beach is located in Port Vell, near the city’s center, and is surrounded by a promenade and a small marina.

Lifeguards are on duty, and amenities include showers, restrooms, a playground, and plenty of opportunities to participate in water sports.

What Beach Resorts Are Close to Barcelona

The closest beach resorts to Barcelona are the city of Sitges and Calella de Palafrugell. The Barcelona Center is located at the heart of Barcelona. The beach is located approximately 22 km away from the center. Barcelona is a great city with exciting nightlife and diverse restaurants. One beach resort that is also close is PortAventura.

If you are in Barcelona and looking for a place to relax, many towns near the city offer beaches. Here are a few of the places near Barcelona with beach resorts:

  • 1) Vilanova i la Geltrú
  • 2) Sitges
  • 3) Lloret de Mar
  • 4) Tarragona
  • 5) L’Escala 

Best Beach Towns Near Barcelona – 15 Seaside Towns Worth Visiting – Distance Table

Exploring the Mediterranean Coast near Barcelona is a great way to experience the lush, sunny coastline! The

To put things in perspective, I have created a table that outlines the distances of the beach towns from Barcelona.

City Distance from Barcelona Description
Salou 92 km (57 miles) Known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.
Lloret de Mar 75 km (47 miles) Famous for its Mediterranean beaches and lively holiday atmosphere.
Calella de Palafrugell 123 km (76 miles) A picturesque fishing village with stunning coastal views.
Calella 58 km (36 miles) Popular for its beaches, festivals, and family-friendly attractions.
Tarragona 100 km (62 miles) Rich in ancient Roman history and architectural heritage.
Blanes 60 km (37 miles) Known as the “Gateway to the Costa Brava” with beautiful botanical gardens.
Sitges 42 km (26 miles) A coastal town renowned for its beaches, culture, and nightlife.
Palafrugell 128 km (80 miles) Charming town known for its cork industry and lovely coves.
Sant Pol de Mar 49 km (30 miles) A small town famous for its culinary scene and beautiful beaches.
Vilanova I La Geltrú 45 km (28 miles) Offers a blend of cultural heritage and beachside relaxation.
Tossa de Mar 103 km (64 miles) Renowned for its medieval castle and stunning beaches.

Next, let’s cover each of the beaches and beach towns near Barcelona in a bit of detail.

1. Lloret De Mar: A Bustling Beachfront Hub

Lloret de Mar is a lovely coastal resort town located about 40 minutes southwest of Barcelona. It has a wide variety of hotels and apartments, and its beaches are very clean and safe.

Pro Tip: Lloret de Mar isn’t just about beaches; explore its rich history and vibrant beach clubs

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2. Sitges: Catalonia’s Pride

Sitges is located about 20 minutes south of Barcelona. This small town is known for its beautiful beaches and its lively nightlife.

My Personal Thoughts and Experiences About Towns Near Barcelona With A Beach

Let’s pause here for a minute and let me tell you about some of the experiences I have had in Barcelona. I had the pleasure of traveling to the Barcelona coast about 10 times for work and for vacation. Most of them were connected to work, as I worked for Nokia Mobile Phones and we were always at GSM Mobile World Congress and even with later companies I worked for.

a group of people sitting on top of a sandy beach at La Barceloneta Spain, 2024 Best Towns Near Barcelona With A Beach: 15 Tops Spots, best beach towns near barcelona, cities near barcelona, best coastal towns near barcelona, barcelona beach, barcelona beach resorts, beach towns near barcelona, beach resorts near barcelona

Barceloneta beach was my favorite on many trips!

Growing up in San Diego, California and exploring small beach towns along the California, Oregon, and Mexico coastlines left me with a passion for beach getaways. The charming towns like Sitges and Calella de Palafrugell, seem to perfectly match my beach-loving soul – combining the sun-kissed Mediterranean coast, rich history, and vibrant coastal town culture. They are amazing cities near Barcelona.

If I got the opportunity for another visit, I would visit Calella de Palafrugell, a picturesque beach town near Barcelona. I’d love to take a leisurely stroll along its tranquil coves and try my hand at kayaking in the crystal-clear waters.

3. Castelldefels: Sandy Shores Await

Castelldefels is about 31 minutes driving from Barcelona. It’s known for its beautiful sandy beaches and watersports.

Castelldefels Highlight Description
Sandy Shores 3-mile long pristine beach with a promenade for leisurely strolls.
Water Sports Opportunities for kite surfing and paddleboarding abound.
Accessibility Direct train links for convenient day trips, no need for renting a car.

4. Calella: Family-Friendly Beaches, Historic Lighthouse

Calella de Palafrugerl is 39 minutes from Barcelona. It has beautiful beaches and a towering historic lighthouse.

Beach towns in summer Spain, 2024 Best Towns Near Barcelona With A Beach: 15 Tops Spots, best coastal towns near barcelona, beach resorts near barcelona, cities near barcelona, beach towns near barcelona, barcelona beach, best beach towns near barcelona, barcelona beach resorts

Location Description Amenities
Port Bo Beach Ideal for paddleboarding and swimming Main beaches bustling with families
El Golfet Beach Secluded, quieter setting Perfect for a peaceful day trip
Around Town Botigues de Mar promenade with charming cafés Luxury hotels and seafood restaurants

5. Badalona: Seaside Charm

17 minutes away from Barcelona, in Badalona you will find a peaceful and beautiful fishing town.

6. Sant Pol De Mar: Quaint Village Life Amid Gourmet Cuisine

Sant Pol de Mar is 38 minutes away from Barcelona. It is known for its blue flag beaches and delicious cuisine.

7. Vilanova I La Geltrú: Cultural Delights

Vilanova i la Geltrú is 46 minutes away from Barcelona by car. You can find beautiful beaches, historic spots and museums as well as delicious local cuisine.

8. Malgrat De Mar: Natural Beauty

Malgrat De Mar is 48 minutes away from Barcelona. Enjoy pristine beaches and a marine park to explore.

9. Cadaques: Serene Escapes

Cadaques is 170 km away from Barcelona and worth the trip. Its beaches are clean and sandy, and the water is crystal clear.

10. Salou: Family Adventures by the Sea – PortAventura

Salou will take 87 minutes driving from Barcelona to reach. This coastal town combines the rush of theme park exhilaration with the charm of beach relaxation, creating the perfect balance for your next vacation.

11. Tossa De Mar: Medieval History With Seascapes

Tossa de Mar is 85 minutes away from Barcelona. Enjoy a famous well-preserved medieval town and beautiful surrounding coastline.

Here’s why it’s one of the favorite spots in Barcelona’s top destinations:

  • Castell de Tamarit:
  • 12th-century fortress
  • Majestic views of the coastline
  • Botigues de Mar:
  • Picturesque promenade
  • Beachfront cafés and converted warehouses
  • Voramar Cal Vitali:
  • Renowned for paella and fideuá
  • Panoramic Mediterranean vistas

12. Blanes: Botanical Wonders

Blanes is 52 minutes away from Barcelona. See botanical gardens and explore the architecture in the town.

13. Tarragona: Ancient Roman Ruins By The Beach

Tarragona is 1hr 26 min from Barcelona. You can see ancient ruins, museums, and explore local cuisine.

bird's eye photography of blacktop road near beach in spain, 2024 Best Towns Near Barcelona With A Beach: 15 Tops Spots, barcelona beach resorts, beach towns near barcelona, best coastal towns near barcelona, best beach towns near barcelona, beach resorts near barcelona, cities near barcelona, barcelona beach

14. Calafell: Golden Sands

Calafell is 47 minutes driving away from Barcelona or you can go by train. Beautiful beaches plus gourmet cuisine will invite you and keep you satisfied.

15. Palafrugell: Cork Museums by the Coast

Palafrugell is 1hr 18min driving away from Barcelona. You will find cultural celebrations like Habaneras festival and historic landmarks and museums.

Pro Tip: Palafrugell is a hidden gem—don’t miss the Cork Museum for a peek into local culture

Are There Any Beach Resorts Near Barcelona?

Yes, there are several beach resorts near Barcelona:

  1. The closest beach resorts to Barcelona are located along the city’s coastline, such as Barceloneta Beach and the beaches near the Hotel Arts Barcelona and W Barcelona hotels.
  2. Popular seaside towns with beach resorts near Barcelona include Sitges (35 km away), Castelldefels (20 km away), and towns along the Costa Brava like Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar (60-100 km away).
  3. These beach resorts near Barcelona offer amenities like pools, beaches, restaurants, family-friendly activities, water sports, and more. Top family-friendly resort recommendations from the search results include Tropic Park, Pierre & Vacances Premium Sant Pol de Mar, and Evenia Olympic Suites.

What Are The Cities Near Barcelona?

Yes, there are several major cities located near Barcelona. They are:

  • Valencia (Spain) – Located 303km away, Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and takes nearly 3 hours to reach from Barcelona by train. It is known for its architecture, vibrant culture, and paella.
  • Madrid (Spain) – The capital and largest city of Spain, Madrid is 507km and 3 hours away from Barcelona by high-speed train. It features unique neighborhoods, a lively nightlife, an incredible art scene and plenty of historical buildings.
  • Zaragoza (Spain) – A large inland city 257km from Barcelona, Zaragoza features impressive architecture and landmarks. It can be reached in about 2.5 hours from Barcelona by train.

What Makes Costa Brava Beach Towns Near Barcelona Amazing?

Scenic Diversity and Historical Charm Are Factors

Costa Brava’s beach towns, nestled near Barcelona, are a treasure trove of diverse beauty and historical richness. Each town, from the cliff-edged Tossa de Mar to the tranquil Calella de Palafrugell, presents its unique landscape, making every visit a novel experience. The historical depth of towns like Begur and Pals, with their medieval castles and ancient ruins, adds a layer of intrigue and charm.

Gastronomy and Artistic Heritage Are Important Factors

These towns are a paradise for food enthusiasts, offering a plethora of culinary delights. Towns such as Roses and L’Escala are celebrated for their exquisite seafood, served in charming seaside restaurants. Moreover, the artistic legacy of Salvador Dalí in towns like Cadaqués infuses a unique blend of art and culture into the natural beauty of these locales.

One Of The Most Important Factors Is The Essence of Coastal Living

Costa Brava’s beach towns epitomize the ideal balance of relaxed coastal living and lively entertainment options. The region’s mild climate throughout the year allows for a seamless transition from day to night activities. The culture in these towns encourages a laid-back lifestyle, where locals cherish their morning espresso and stroll along the beautiful coastline.

In The News…

Spain has experienced a significant increase in international tourism in the first half of 2023. It’s interesting to wonder about the impact going into 2024’s summer season. Here are some news stories highlighting the trends:

Rising Tourist Numbers: Spain welcomed 37.5 million international tourists in the first six months of 2023, marking a 24% increase compared to the same period in 2022. This figure, however, is slightly lower than the pre-pandemic levels of 2019, when 38 million tourists were recorded. (Source)

According to La Moncloa, the majority of these tourists came from Britain, with around 8 million visitors. France and Germany each contributed approximately 5 million tourists.

Tourism’s Economic Impact: Tourism plays a crucial role in Spain’s economy, accounting for about 12% of its gross domestic product. (Source)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Calella De Palafrugell a Popular Beach Town Near Barcelona?

Calella de Palafrugell, a coastal town near Barcelona, is known for its spectacular beaches and charming fishing town atmosphere. With its whitewashed houses, a trip to this town offers a fantastic coastal escape from the bustling city of Barcelona.

How Far Is Altafulla from Barcelona and How Can I Reach There?

Altafulla is located about 80 miles south of Barcelona. The most convenient way to reach this popular beach town is to take the train from Barcelona, which takes about an hour and a half.

Is Begur a Good Place to Visit for A Coastal Escape in 2024?

Absolutely. Begur is a magnificent, small fishing town known for its beautiful beaches and coves. It has become a popular spot for those looking to enjoy the beaches of the Costa Brava, away from urban beaches.

How Long Does It Take to Reach Sa Tuna from Barcelona by Train?

Sa Tuna, with its picturesque cove and stunning location, is well worth the journey. The train ride from the city of Barcelona to this beautiful beach town takes about 2 hours. Be sure to check the schedule as the frequency of trains may vary.

Where Is Playa De Altafulla Located?

Playa de Altafulla is part of the beautiful coastal town of Altafulla, located in the region of Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain. This popular beach is part of the Costa Dorada, renowned for its golden sand beaches.

What Are the Best Coastal Towns Near Barcelona to Visit in 2024?

The 8 best coastal towns near Barcelona to visit in 2024 according to Brightswirl.com are Calella de Palafrugell, Altafulla, Arenys de Mar, Begur, Sa Tuna, L’Escala, Castelldefels, and Sitges. All these towns offer amazing beach experiences and are just a few hours away from Barcelona.

What Is Special About the Coves and Beaches of These Towns?

These coastal towns near Barcelona are unique for their coves and beaches that offer spectacular natural beauty. Unlike the urban beaches of the city, these locations offer tranquillity and serenity, where you’ll find pristine sandy bays, crystal clear waters, and rocky coves waiting to be explored.

What Can a Visitor Expect from A Day Trip to A Coastal Town Near Barcelona?

A day trip to any of these coastal towns near Barcelona will provide a completely different experience than the vibran city life. You’ll find beautiful beaches, opportunities for water sports, fresh seafood, historical sites, and stunning views of the Catalan coast. Travelling can be made easy by the train networks connecting Barcelona to these towns.

Why Are These Towns Called “Surprisingly Close” to Barcelona?

These towns are termed as “surprisingly close” because despite their tranquil, serene beach atmospheres that feel worlds away, they are in fact located just a few hours away from Barcelona. This makes them a perfect day trip destination for those wanting to escape the bustle of the Barcelona city.