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11 Top Beach Boardwalks with Exciting Amusement Parks and Rides

Boardwalks and amusement parks have long been symbols of freedom, joy, and adventure. They offer an escape from the daily grind and a chance to indulge in thrilling rides, taste delicious treats, and create lasting memories with friends and family. With so many amazing beach boardwalks amusement parks featuring exciting amusement parks and rides across the United States, it’s hard to decide which ones to visit. So, what are the top beach boardwalks with exciting amusement parks and rides in the US?

The top beach boardwalks with exciting amusement parks and rides in the US are: Santa Monica Pier in California, Coney Island in New York, Ocean City Boardwalk in Maryland, Myrtle Beach Boardwalk in South Carolina, Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey, Wildwoods Boardwalk in New Jersey, Virginia Beach Boardwalk in Virginia, Old Orchard Beach Pier in Maine, Daytona Beach Boardwalk in Florida, Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier in Texas, and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California.

11 Top Beach Boardwalks with Exciting Amusement Parks and Rides

Key Takeaways‍

  • Santa Monica Pier: Iconic boardwalk with Ferris wheel, endless horizon, and history meeting freedom.
  • Coney Island: Historic New York playground with unique attractions, laughter, and timeless amusements.
  • Ocean City Boardwalk: Offers amusement park rides, iconic eats, watersports, shopping, and mesmerizing sunsets.
  • Myrtle Beach Boardwalk: Land meets sea with amusement rides, coastal cuisine, and simple living.
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk: Exciting amusement parks and rides since 1870, symbol of freedom and possibility.
  • Virginia Beach Boardwalk: Rich history, thrilling rides, local cuisine, and a journey towards self-discovery.

In the following sections, I’ll take you on a journey through these incredible boardwalks, highlighting the exciting amusement parks and rides that each location has to offer. We’ll explore the history and charm of these iconic destinations, and I’ll share some tips on where to find the best local cuisine and unique shopping experiences. So, if you’re ready to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with breathtaking views, exhilarating rides, and unforgettable experiences, keep reading! Let’s dive into the excitement and freedom that awaits you at these top beach boardwalks across the United States.

11 Top Beach Boardwalks With Exciting Amusement Parks

Let’s dive into the details of each top beach boardwalk with thrilling amusement parks. For the locations I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, I’ll share my perspective on the attractions, and you can also find my personal experiences and thoughts in the sections that follow.

Santa Monica Pier, California

In the heart of California lies a place where Santa Monica history meets the endless horizon, and freedom whispers in the salty breeze.

The Santa Monica Pier beckons you to leave your worries behind and embrace the thrill of Pier attractions.

Here, lights dance on the water’s surface, laughter fills the air, and rides climb towards a sky that offers limitless possibilities.

As you stroll along this iconic boardwalk, let your spirit soar with each spin of the Ferris wheel and every crashing wave below, for there is no greater taste of liberty than an adventure by the sea.

Coney Island, New York

The sun sinks low over the horizon, casting a golden glow on Coney Island’s bustling boardwalk, a symbol of freedom and escape from the confines of everyday life.

This historic New York playground beckons with its rich Coney Island history and unique attractions that have captivated visitors for generations. The rattle of roller coasters and laughter from children fill the air, as salty sea breezes carry the scent of cotton candy and hot dogs along the wooden planks underfoot.

Here, you can lose yourself in timeless amusements or simply watch the world go by as waves crash against sandy shores. It is a place to feel alive, where dreams take flight and memories are forged amidst twinkling lights and endless possibilities.

Ocean City Boardwalk, Maryland

At the heart of Ocean City, you’ll find the bustling boardwalk where freedom is yours to take. The salty air fills your lungs while the sound of laughter and thrill-seeking rides beckons.

There’s something for everyone here:

  • Lose yourself in the whirlwind of excitement on classic amusement park rides like roller coasters and Ferris wheels.
  • Delight your taste buds with iconic Ocean City eats such as Thrasher’s fries and Fisher’s popcorn.
  • Quench your thirst for adventure with watersports or a daring zipline over the beach.
  • Discover hidden treasures in the vibrant Boardwalk shopping scene, where unique finds await at every turn.
  • Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing sunset as the day fades away, leaving behind an indelible memory etched into your soul.

There are no parting words needed for this beautiful place. Embrace its call and let it fuel your desire to explore all that Ocean City Boardwalk has to offer.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, South Carolina

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk in South Carolina calls to the heart like a siren song.

A place where land meets sea, where sun and salt fill the air.

The boardwalk is lined with Myrtle Beach attractions that sing of freedom – amusement rides that lift you towards the sky and Coastal cuisine that brings the ocean’s bounty to your lips.

Here, life is simple, pure, and true – a refuge from the complexities of modern living.

So come, walk along its sunlit path and let your spirit soar on the wings of adventure.

Atlantic City Boardwalk, New Jersey

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is famed for its exciting amusement parks and rides.

It’s been around since 1870 and is known for its classic attractions.

It’s a great place to visit for a fun-filled day with the family.

Amusement Parks

There’s a place where thrilling rollercoasters meet the ocean’s edge, and it’s the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey.

You’ll find amusement parks with innovative attractions that’ll take your breath away as you soar through the air, feeling the wind on your face and the freedom of flight.

It’s not just about the rides, though; it’s about embracing life and letting go of what holds you back.

So come, let loose, and experience a world filled with laughter, wonder, and excitement.

And when you’re done conquering every twist and turn, remember: there are always more adventures waiting on this stretch of sand and sea.


Now, you’ve found yourself here, on the edge of exhilaration and ocean, where thrilling coasters blend seamlessly with the horizon.

It’s time to explore what this place offers – unique attractions that’ll take you to heights unknown and make you feel alive again.

The rides aren’t just machines; they’re a testament to human ingenuity and our undying thirst for adventure.

So go ahead, strap in, and let the pulse-pounding journey begin.

And as you wind down from each adrenaline-fueled experience, remember that this is just the beginning – there’s an endless array of freedom waiting for you along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.


But it wasn’t always a haven for high-flying thrills; the Boardwalk’s origins are humble, born of necessity, and yet rich in history.

It all started as a simple wooden walkway, designed to keep sand out of visitors’ shoes and hotel lobbies.

Over time, it grew into something more – a symbol of freedom and possibility.

The amusement park evolution took hold, transforming the Boardwalk into an ever-changing playground where people could escape their daily lives and embrace their inner daredevils.

From the first daring rides to the sprawling attractions that dot its landscape today, every twist and turn along the Atlantic City Boardwalk tells a story of human triumph and our eternal quest for freedom.

And with each passing year comes new opportunities to explore this historic gem – because when you’re on the edge of exhilaration and ocean, there’s no telling what adventures await you next.

Wildwoods Boardwalk, New Jersey

Wildwoods nostalgia whispers through the salty breeze, while screams of exhilaration pierce the air; a testament to the Jersey Shore fun that awaits you.

Wildwoods Boardwalk in New Jersey stretches two and a half miles along the coast, offering a mix of old-world charm and modern excitement.

The Ferris wheel kisses the sky as roller coasters roar by, taunting gravity with each twist and turn.

Here, freedom calls from every corner – be it in the form of thrilling rides or simply strolling along the boardwalk, indulging in cotton candy and funnel cakes.

So answer that call, embrace your inner thrill-seeker, and let loose on this iconic stretch of Americana where time stands still and memories are made.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Virginia

Leaving behind the vibrant energy of Wildwoods Boardwalk, we venture south to discover the beauty and charm of Virginia Beach Boardwalk in Virginia. It beckons us with its rich Virginia Beach history that whispers tales of the past as we stroll along its three miles.

The call of freedom grows stronger as we embrace the thrill of amusement park rides, each one daring us to let go and experience life without restraint. Alongside these enthralling attractions, our senses are awakened by the enticing local cuisine options that offer a taste of true Southern hospitality.

As we continue on this journey, it becomes clear that every step taken on Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a step towards embracing the freedom within ourselves.

Old Orchard Beach Pier, Maine

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Old Orchard Beach Pier in Maine has endured and evolved over time, becoming an enchanting destination for those seeking to indulge their craving for freedom. The pier’s history is rich with tales of rebuilding and reinvention, making it a symbol of resilience against the roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

As you walk along its wooden planks, you can’t help but be drawn towards:

– Pier History:
– Founded in 1898, it was once a grand ballroom and entertainment center.
– Destroyed by storms and fires on multiple occasions, only to be resurrected each time.
– Now stretching 500 feet into the ocean, providing a picturesque view of the coastline.

– Local Delicacies:
– Taste freshly caught seafood at one of the many restaurants and eateries lining the pier.
– Indulge in Maine’s famous lobster rolls or fried clams at a nearby clam shack.

– Thrilling Rides & Attractions:
– Test your nerves on thrilling amusement park rides overlooking the ocean.
– Try your luck at classic arcade games and carnival-style attractions.

As you stand on Old Orchard Beach Pier with salty air whipping through your hair and feeling alive with every step taken; allow yourself to embrace that undeniable sense of freedom that this historic boardwalk emanates.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk, Florida

The sun burns hot and the waves crash loud on Daytona Beach Boardwalk, Florida.

Here, you find freedom in the wind, the sand beneath your feet, and the thrilling rides that challenge the sky.

The amusement park roars with life as people laugh, scream and let themselves be carried away by their desires.

Daytona dining tempts you with smells of fresh seafood and sizzling steaks, while Boardwalk shopping offers treasures waiting to be uncovered.

This is a place where life happens fast but memories are made to last forever – a place where you can taste freedom like salt on your lips, and feel it in every step you take along this sun-kissed paradise.

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, Texas

She’s got it all – from amusement park rides to pier shopping!

It’s the perfect spot to take the kids for a day of fun and adventure.

Amusement Park Rides

You can’t miss the heart-pounding excitement that awaits you at Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier’s Amusement Park Rides.

It’s where thrilling coasters and innovative rides come together to give you an experience like no other.

The wind in your hair, the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins – it’s a feeling we all crave deep down, that sense of freedom and exhilaration.

So go ahead and let loose on the Iron Shark roller coaster or defy gravity on the Texas Star Flyer – there’s no better way to embrace the wild spirit within.

Pier Shopping

But don’t think the fun stops there – Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier has more to offer than just pulse-pounding rides.

It’s where pier fashion trends come alive, beckoning you to explore and indulge in a shopping spree like no other.

Stroll along the bustling boardwalk and discover an array of specialty shops that cater to your inner fashionista.

And if it’s mouthwatering cuisine you’re after, the pier doesn’t disappoint with its diverse boardwalk dining options that’ll satisfy even the most discerning palate.

So go on and embrace your undying thirst for freedom at this one-of-a-kind Texan haven – there’s truly something for everyone here.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where the past and present meet, offers a taste of freedom like no other.

The sun sinks low, casting golden hues on the sand as the waves crash with a rhythm that calls to your soul.

Here, Santa Cruz history comes alive; the old wooden roller coaster roars as riders scream their joy to the wind.

You taste the salty air as you wander past tempting Boardwalk food stalls, gripping a chili dog or cotton candy in one hand and a cold drink in the other.

This is where memories are made, where laughter and love mingle with the scent of popcorn and ocean spray.

The Boardwalk beckons – heed its call and find true liberty in its timeless embrace.

Pacific Park, California

Leaving the nostalgic charm of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk behind, one’s journey for freedom and adventure continues down the beautiful California coastline.

Pacific Park comes into view, a place where California coast fun thrives and mingles with the salty ocean breeze.

Located on the iconic Santa Monica Pier, this lively park boasts a vibrant atmosphere that feeds the soul’s desire for liberation.

Among the many Pacific Park highlights is its world-famous solar-powered Ferris wheel, a beacon of light that can be seen from miles away, calling out to those who yearn for excitement.

The laughter from thrill-seekers echoes through the air as they ride the roller coaster and try their luck at various games of chance.

Here in Pacific Park, one can truly experience an unforgettable adventure along this breathtaking stretch of Californian coast.

Personal Thoughts and Experiences About ‍Beach Boardwalks Amusement Parks

Living in San Diego introduced me to the charm of small beach towns and the allure of beach boardwalks. Experiencing places like the Santa Monica Pier and its thrilling attractions left an everlasting impact on my beach passion.

Now that I’m older, my love for beach getaways continues to grow, driving me to explore beach towns around the world and inspiring me to create new memories.

If I got the opportunity to travel, I would choose to visit the Santa Monica Pier in California. The Ferris wheel would be a must-try, as I imagine the breathtaking view of the coast from the top would be unforgettable.

I’d also indulge in some local food, trying out various California-inspired dishes while enjoying the lively atmosphere. Strolling along the iconic boardwalk, I’d take in the mesmerizing sunset and embrace the sense of freedom and adventure that the pier embodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Special Events Or Festivals That Take Place On These Boardwalks Throughout The Year?

Oh, the irony of asking if there are any special events or festivals on these boardwalks throughout the year. As if seasonal festivities and boardwalk performances aren’t already in abundance!

The truth is, they’re teeming with life and celebrations, each one unique to its locale. You’ll find yourself immersed in a whirlwind of colors, sounds, and tantalizing scents as you stroll along these lively promenades.

It’s almost as if the boardwalks themselves have a subconscious desire for freedom, urging you to break free from your mundane routine and join in on the fun. So yes, dear reader, there are certainly special events that grace these havens of amusement – that much is clear.

What Are The Best Times Of The Year To Visit These Boardwalks For Optimal Weather And Smaller Crowds?

The best times to visit these boardwalks, my friend, are when the sun shines warm on your skin and the sea breeze whispers freedom into your soul.

Spring and fall bring milder temperatures, perfect for donning optimal beachwear and indulging in those irresistible boardwalk foods.

Avoid the tourist-heavy summer months; instead, seek solace in off-peak seasons where smaller crowds give way to a sense of serenity as you wander through the amusement parks and ride the ferris wheel towards the sky.

Embrace that liberating feeling as you soak up the sights, tastes, and sounds of these iconic coastal havens during quieter times – a true testament to living life on your own terms.

Are There Any Discounts Or Package Deals Available For The Amusement Park Rides And Attractions At These Boardwalks?

Stretching your dollar as far as it will go is the name of the game when visiting these bustling boardwalks, and savvy travelers can catch a break with various discount strategies.

Keep an eye out for group packages, special promotions, and timed tickets to maximize your fun without breaking the bank.

The sun may be setting, but the party’s just begun – cast off those shackles of workaday life and dive into a world of thrills and laughter on a budget that even Hemingway would approve.

So come one, come all – let loose your inner child and embrace the freedom that comes from finding joy in every spin, twist, and turn of these beloved amusement parks by taking advantage of their enticing deals.

What Accessibility Accommodations Are Available For Visitors With Disabilities At These Boardwalks And Their Amusement Parks?

At these lively boardwalks and their thrilling amusement parks, visitors with disabilities can find accessibility accommodations that ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

Many of the parks offer accessible dining options, making it easy to refuel and relax after a day of fun.

Additionally, adaptive equipment rentals are available to meet the needs of guests who require mobility assistance or other support.

With these thoughtful accommodations in place, everyone can embrace the spirit of adventure and taste the freedom that comes with exploring new places and participating in exciting activities.

Are There Any Unique Or Lesser-Known Attractions Near These Boardwalks That Are Worth Visiting During A Trip To The Area?

In the shadows of bustling boardwalks, hidden gems and local favorites await those who venture beyond the well-trodden path.

Seek out these lesser-known attractions that offer a taste of freedom from the usual tourist traps, like secret beaches with soft sand underfoot or tucked-away eateries where you can feast on authentic cuisine while mingling with locals.

From quiet parks to intriguing museums, there’s always something new to discover just around the corner – all you need is a spirit of adventure and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

So, when planning your next trip to a beach boardwalk, remember: it’s not just about the thrilling rides and vibrant arcades; sometimes, it’s the undiscovered treasures nearby that make for unforgettable memories.


So, you thought visiting these boardwalks was just about the amusement parks and rides, right? Well, think again.

These top beach boardwalks also offer special events, festivals, and hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered on your next trip.

Consider exploring beyond the usual attractions during your visit.

With optimal weather, accessibility accommodations, and potential discounts available for a memorable experience, it’s time to dive into the excitement of these beach boardwalks like never before.