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Make the Best Surfing in Europe Trip a Reality [Spots, Surf, Beaches]

The waves around Europe are of high quality and varied nature. Different coastlines and sea currents make for some great surfing conditions. The Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts have some of the best surfing beaches in Europe, making them even more attractive. With so many amazing destinations to choose from in Europe, it cannot be easy to find the best surfing spots in Europe. It makes me wonder where the best surfing spots in Europe are?

So, where are the best surfing spots in Europe? The best surfing beaches in Europe are along the southern coast of France and the Atlantic coasts of Spain and Portugal. These surfing beaches have strong breaks and hard waves. They are large enough to accommodate several different types of board shapes so that the user can experience various surfing styles.

The beaches in Europe are some of the best in the world for surfing. European beaches provide perfect waves for surfing because the waters are warm but not too warm for surfers that prefer cooler waters. Many countries in Europe are known for their surfing beaches, including Portugal, France, and Spain. Portugal is a particularly good place to surf because surfers worldwide flock to the country’s beaches yearly.

Make the Best Surfing in Europe Trip a Reality Spots Surf Beaches

In this article, I’ll look at some of the best surfing beaches in Europe and cover why they are so. It will give you a lot of perspective on beaches in Europe for surfing. Stay tuned and keep reading. You won’t want to miss it!

What Is the Surfing Capital of Europe?

Many consider the surfing capital of Europe to be Portugal. The largest waves, often seen in Nazare, Portugal, captivate surfers and onlookers alike. Surfing spots can be found along the Atlantic shoreline of Portugal. 

However, a few other key places can be contenders for the title.

Hossegor, France, is considered a key surfing spot in Europe. Every year, the Quiksilver pro-competition brings surfers from around the world to this seaside town

Other surfing spots in France that are nearby Hossegor are Capbreton and Seignosse. They might be a little crowded during peak season, but they offer some of the best waves in Europe. 

Due to Galicia’s rugged coastline and beaches, it is the perfect place for surfing in Spain and is another contender for the surfing capital of Europe. 

What Are Some Good Surfing Destinations in Europe?

Surfing is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of European beaches. Here are five of the best places to surf in Europe.

#1. Portugal

Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, and surfing is no exception. There are several spots in Portugal where you can catch some amazing waves.

In the Algarve region, there are two popular surf destinations. One is Praia da Rocha, located near Faro. This spot is known for its fast, powerful waves.

The other is Lagos de Montejunto, about an hour south of Faro. This area is known for its soft, gentle waves.

#2. Spain

Spain is another country with beautiful beaches and excellent surfing conditions. Some of the best surf spots include Playa del Ingles, located in the Costa Blanca region, and Playa de la Concha, located in Sevilla.

Spain has nearly 2,500 miles of coast and world-class surf. Of all these beaches, Galicia is the best place to go for a surf in Spain due to its rugged coastline and beaches with sand beneath and rock outcrops above. While the beach here is not as popular as other places in Europe, it does have beautiful beaches, which are cliffs on one side and sand on the other, making for a good surfer’s destination. Patos and Ferrol beaches are the best places to surf in Galicia.

#3. France

France has some of the most famous beaches in the world, and surfing is no different. If you’re looking for a place to surf in France, head to the Côte d’Azur. The French Riviera is home to many wonderful beaches, including St Tropez, Cap Ferrat, Antibes, Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez.

#4. Croatia

Croatia is a small country with beautiful beaches and good surfing conditions. One of the best areas to visit in Zadar, located along the Adriatic coast. It’s a very popular destination for tourists.

#5. Greece

Greece is another country with a beautiful coastline and excellent surfing conditions. The best place to surf in Greece is probably Kefalonia, located off the west coast of the island of Kefalonia.

The Best Surfing Beaches in Europe

The best surfing beaches in Europe are the places where one can find waves and enjoy a great day at the beach. Some of these beaches include:

– Spain – La Gomer

– France – La Baule

– Portugal – Lagoa da Rocha

The best beaches for surfing in Europe are: 

– The best beach to surf in Europe is in Portugal and it’s called Praia da Rocha.

– Next up is France, which has the beaches of Hossegor and La Grande Motte.

– The third best beach is on the island of Menorca in Spain. This beach is called Mar Picafort.

– The fourth best beach for surfing in Europe in Croatia. This beach is called Zrce Beach.

What Are the Characteristics of The Best Surfing Spots in Europe?

The best surfing spots in Europe are not necessarily the most remote. Many of them are near towns with good infrastructure and easy access. It makes them ideal locations for beginners, who can benefit from the proximity of a supportive community and learn how to surf in relative comfort.

Another important factor is the type of break. Europe has more beach breaks than other parts of the world, which is great for someone’s first surf trip. They are easier to ride and less intimidating than reef or point breaks. So if you want to start surfing, head to one of these top five European spots!

The best surfing spots in Europe typically have excellent waves and large, open breaks. These beaches are usually found on the eastern side of Europe due to their proximity to the equator.

Some characteristics of the best surfing spots in Europe include that they are typically rocky, have a consistent swell, and have good wind direction. Some of the most popular European surfing destinations are on island nations such as Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

What Is the Surf Culture and Community Like at The Best Surfing Spots in Europe?

The surf culture and community at the best surfing spots in Europe are welcoming and friendly. Surfers from around the world come to these spots to enjoy the waves. The locals are happy to share their knowledge of the waves and the area with visitors. There is a lot of camaraderie among surfers, who often help one another when they are in need.

What Are the Waves Like at The Best Surfing Spots in Europe?

The waves at the best surfing spots in Europe can be quite epic! For example, La Concha beach in Cantabria has ideal waves if you’re looking to get gnarly on the waves yourself. The downside is that great waves are so hard to find that they often end up crowded.

European beaches are great for surfing, especially in the summer when the weather is warm and the waves are high. Suppose you’re looking for a good European surfing spot. In that case, San Sebastian is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers – its Zurriola beach has a quick left, making it ideal for those just starting.

What Is the Water Temperature at The Best Surfing Spots in Europe?

The best time of year for surfing in Europe is fall.

The North Atlantic swell season starts in late spring and lasts until September.

Portugal is a year-round destination, with great waves throughout the year

Hossegor, France, is the best spot for intermediate surfers.

The best time to visit Hossegor and Algarve are in May, June, July, August, and September.

Ericeira and Peniche are less crowded than the other spots mentioned in this passage: Portugal’s South Coast.

Arrifana is the best summer month to surf in Europe.

What Makes a Good Surfing Spot?

Many factors make a good surfing spot: the good waves, beautiful scenery, and easy access are all important. Europeans love to surf in some of the most beautiful places in the world, and they have some great beach breaks to choose from!

Surf spots come in many shapes and sizes. Some surf spots are known for having consistent waves, others for being windy, and others for having great beaches. But there’s no single formula for finding a perfect surfing spot. Instead, finding the right spot takes experience, knowledge, and luck.

The most important factor when looking for a surfing spot is consistency. Waves don’t just appear out of nowhere; they’re created by wind blowing over water. So, if you’re surfing at a particular spot, ensure the wind isn’t too strong or too weak. Also, make sure the waves aren’t too small or too large.

Are There Any Beginner-Friendly Surfing Spots in Europe?

Surfing is one of those sports that requires no equipment and minimal skill. All you need is a board and a willingness to jump into the water. But beginners should know a few things about surfing before jumping in.

Here are three beginner surfing spots in Europe that are perfect for learning to surf.

#1. Portugal

Portugal is known for its beautiful coastline, and it’s also known for its world-class surfing. Several spots in Portugal are ideal for beginners.

The most popular surfing spot in Portugal is Praia do Guincho, located near Lagos. It is a small beach with gentle waves and a shallow reef. Beginners can easily catch waves here without needing any special equipment.

Praia de São Vicente is another place in Portugal that is perfect for beginners. It’s a small beach with a wide variety of waves suitable for beginners.

Finally, Praia da Marinha is another excellent beginner surfing spot in Portugal. It is a small cove with calm waters and gentle waves.

#2. Spain

Spain is known for its beautiful coastlines, and they are also known for its world-class surfing. The best beginner surfing spot in Spain is Playa de la Concha. It is a large beach in the south of Spain with gentle waves and abundant fish life.

It is a good place for beginners because plenty of people are willing to teach them how to surf. If you want to practice your skills, then this is the perfect place.

Playa de San Juan de Cotovelo is another great beginner surfing spot in Spain. It is a small bay with gentle waves and a sandy bottom.

#3. France

France is home to many beautiful beaches, and they are also famous for their world-class surfing conditions. One of the best beginner surfing spots in France is La Baule.

La Baule is a town in Brittany, France. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and mild weather. La Baule is also a popular destination for tourists.

The best beginner surfing spot in La Baule is Plage du Grand Large. It is a large beach with a wide variety of waves suitable for beginners. If you want to try out different types of waves, this is the place for you.

Where Is the Best Surfing in Portugal?

Portugal is a country located in Europe, and it has many beaches and surfing spots. The best surfing spot in Portugal would be the Costa de Caparica, which can be accessed by train or car.

The best surfing in Portugal is on the Atlantic Coast.

Why Is Portugal Good for Surfing?

Portugal is great for surfing because it has a world-class surf culture and waves to practice on. It’s one of the best places to learn how to surf, with many camps around the country. The best surfing in Portugal is located in the northern cities of Porto and Lisbon. Peniche and Ericeira are both famous for their waves and Supertubos. There are many other great breaks near Lisbon, such as Ribeira D’Ilhas and Supertubos Nazare, the biggest spot in Portugal. In late 2017, Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa surfed an 80-foot wave at Nazare to break Garrett McNamara’s record of 78 feet.

Portugal is good for surfing because there are many beaches, including some of the most famous ones in Europe. There are over 100 surf spots in Portugal alone! For beginners, there are surf camps, and for experienced surfers, there are different types of waves and conditions, making it exciting for the surfer.

The Portuguese are very welcoming to tourists and foreigners, making it easy to find accommodations and food.

What Kind of Surf Camp is Possible in Spain and Portugal?

There are many different types of surfing in Portugal and Spain, and the best place to find waves will depend on the time of year. The coastline is over 1,000km long, so there are plenty of choices!

If you are a beginner or want extra instruction to improve your surfing, one idea is to participate in a surf camp. Surf camps have good vibes, not just waves – they offer private suites and 5 x 2hr lessons. There are transfers from the airport, beaches, and lakes included in the price, depending on the surf camp operator. Here is one to try: Website – BookSurfCamps.com

Final Thoughts    

As a final thought, European surfers love their waves. They know where to find them and how to ride them. Where should you go if you want to experience surfing in Europe? As this article covers, you might prefer the Mediterranean beaches in France, Italy, and Spain for fun and steady waves. However, if you want to catch the biggest waves in Europe, you’ll want to head to Portugal. You’ll find the right combination of wind, water, and sand to create some truly epic rides. I hope that this article has helped give some perspective on where to go surfing in Europe!