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How to Have Fun at the Beach: 31 Fun Activities to Enjoy on the Beach [Sports, Water, Sand]

How to Have Fun at the Beach- 31 [Surprising Fun] Activities to Enjoy

When most people think of fun at the beach, they imagine sandcastles, volleyball games, and sunbathing. While these activities can be performed at the beach, they aren’t the only fun things to do. The ocean and the beach offer a ton of fun activities and sports to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or a full adventure of water sports and beach activities, there are plenty of ways to have fun. It makes me wonder, what ideas and activities on how to have fun at the beach?

So, how to have fun at the beach – A list of 31 fun beach activities are 1. Beach Games, #2. Walking on the Beach, #3. Sandcastles and Sand Digging, #4. Beach Volleyball, #5. Kite Flying, #6. Beach Frisbee, #7. Sand Sculpting, #8. Water Sports, #9. Beach Photography, #10. Picnics on the Beach or Beach Park, #11. Sailing, #12. Grill Food on the Beach, #13. Sand Tossing, #14. Shell Hunting, #15. Bonfire Parties, #16. Have Fun With Friends, #17. Taking Kids To The Beach, #18. Take a Long Walk On The Beach, #19. Go Snorkeling From The Beach, #20. Camp On The Beach, #21. Celebrate A Special Occasion, #22. Collect Seashells Or Rocks, #23. Collect Driftwood, #24. Go Wave Jumping, #25. Indulge In Fruity Drinks, #26. Eat Seafood, #27. Have Fun On Sand And Water With a Big Beach Ball, #28. Fly A Kite, #29. Collect Glass, #30. Check out the Boardwalk or Pier, and #31. Go Ocean Fishing


— Shallow-water snorkeling is a great way to have fun and see the natural beauty of coral reefs, streams, and lagoons.

— To get the most out of your beach experience, try camping on the beach or collecting seashells.

— You can also celebrate a special occasion at the beach or go wave jumping for an adrenaline rush.

— Swimming is the most popular activity at the beach and people can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour while doing it.

— Many games can be played on the beach, such as beach volleyball, frisbee, beach ball catch and sand castle building 

— Be prepared for every beach outing. Research the destination beforehand and check the tide times. Pack a variety of activities so there’s always something to do, even if you hadn’t planned it in advance. Investing in quality beach gear can make all the difference.

How to Have Fun at the Beach: 31 Fun Activities to Enjoy on the Beach Sports, Water, Sand

Let’s take a look as some statistics about how popular the beach is for people. Based on the statistics below, it is clear people think the beach is fun:

– Statistics: The East Coast has 40% more beaches than the West Coast.

– Statistics: The beach is the most popular vacation destination for tourists globally, according to a survey by the World Tourism Organization (Source)

– Statistics: Water sports are on the rise in France, where 15% of sportsmen say they practice a water sport. (Source

– Statistics: Beach destinations are the most popular destinations for travelers in South America, a study in Brazil. (Source).

Swimming is the most popular activity at the beach and lots of people enjoy swimming. If you combine that with other activities on the beach, such as playing frisbee or volleyball or jogging, beachgoers can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour at the beach – healthy fun!

I’ll cover this and a lot more as we discover how to have fun at the beach. Stay tuned and keep reading… you won’t want to miss it! 

31 Fun Activities to Enjoy on the Beach

Let’s dive in and briefly describe 31 ways to have fun on the beach. I have personally done all of them, except collecting glass. So, here they are: 

#1. Beach Games

Some beach games include beach volleyball, bocce ball, cornhole, ladder toss, frisbee, rounders or baseball, spikeball, and Marco Polo in the ocean.

Enjoying the beach and having fun is as simple as taking a walk on the beach

#2. Walking on the Beach

Walking on the beach is a relaxing experience. The feel of the fresh sand and seawater on your feet is soothing and can help you maintain better posture as you move along. It’s also a great opportunity to exercise as there are many activities you can do on the beach, from walking to biking to laying down a towel for yoga. 

#3. Sandcastles and Sand Digging

Sandcastle building is a great activity to enjoy on the beach, as it can be done throughout the day and involve everyone in the family. You can keep coming back to it between dips in the sea and other beach games, and you should make sure to come armed with buckets and spades for decoration purposes.

#4. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is played with two or more players on each team. It involves hitting a ball over a net to score points by hitting the opposing team’s side of the net. The players can use any part of their bodies except their hands as long as they remain within the boundaries designated by the net. Check out my article on beach volleyball – How Long Do Beach Volleyball Games Last?

Pro Tip: To maximize success in beach volleyball, employ an all-around strategy by mastering the ability to hit a variety of shots, such as tips and dinks for strategic placement of the ball, as well as hard-driven kills for quick points.

#5. Kite Flying

Kite flying is flying a kite, a thin paper or plastic object designed to be lifted by the wind. It can be made from many materials, such as bamboo, paper, plastic or nylon. Kites come in many shapes and sizes, from simple boxes to complex shapes such as dragons and butterflies.

#6. Beach Frisbee

Beach frisbee is a traditional game where players throw a frisbee (a flat, circular plastic disc) across a beach. It can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or skill level.

Playing beach frisbee is an enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends at the beach.

#7. Sand Sculpting

Sand sculpting is the art of creating sculptures out of the sand. It can be enjoyed on the beach using wet sand to create shapes or figures or dry sand for more detailed work.

You can use your imagination to create any sea creature you wish, from octopuses and crabs to whales and dragons.

#8. Water Sports

On the beach, you can enjoy a variety of water sports, such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water surfing, kayaking, swimming, and more. You can also take surf lessons or try other water activities such as jet-ski racing or waterskiing. Check out my articles on surfing spots in Europe and snorkeling:

Make the Best Surfing in Europe Trip a Reality [Spots, Surf, Beaches]

and Shallow Water Snorkeling- [Surprisingly Useful] 7 Tips for Beginners

#9. Beach Photography

To enjoy beach photography, you can set up a pre-planned or spontaneous photo shoot, take some silly selfies with the family, use your digital camera or phone timer to get the settings just right for the perfect beachside snaps and let the kids be photographers for the day. I have multiple articles on beach photography, check out these two: 

Beach Photography Poses for Male, Female, Couples- Amazing Results

7 Surprising Ways To Make [Stunning] Beach Landscape Photography

How to have fun on the beach - how about relaxing with food and drink?

#10. Picnics on the Beach or Beach Park

When hosting a picnic on the beach, you can do many fun activities. You can play with your kids on the expansive beds of sand, enjoy meals with your friends and family, take pictures, and have relaxed conversations.

#11. Sailing

Sailing is great fun because it allows you to explore different areas while feeling the breeze on your face, taking in the sights from afar, and enjoying nature’s beauty up close. It also provides an opportunity for adventure as you race against other boats or travel across large bodies of water; moreover, it can be an enjoyable way to spend time with family or friends since many people enjoy sailing together.

#12. Grill Food on the Beach

Grilling at the beach is a great way to relax and enjoy food with friends and family. But grilling food outdoors comes with its own set of safety concerns, so remember some key tips before you fire up that grill. Always ensure you’re set up far enough from the water and check local laws regarding open fires and grills on beaches. The salty air, the sand between your toes, and the sound of waves all add to the ambiance. Check out my article: How to Grill on The Beach

Pro Tip: Before grilling on the beach, always check local regulations and make sure to set up at least 10-15 feet away from the water’s edge.

#13. Sand Tossing

Sand tossing is a game where players try to keep an oversized beach towel and a beach ball in the air for as long as possible without letting them fall on the sand. It can be enjoyed on any beach with an oversized towel and a beach ball.

To play sand tossing, you need:

– An oversized beach towel

– A beach ball (preferably one that floats)

#14. Shell Hunting

Shell hunting is the activity of searching for seashells on a beach. It can be a fun challenge to see who can find the most shells or the biggest ones in a set amount of time. The objective is to give points for the number of shells, types and shapes, sizes, and colors. 

#15. Bonfire Parties

Beach bonfire parties are gatherings where friends and family come together to play music, have good conversations, dance around the fire, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the cool night air.

To enjoy a beach bonfire party, you can:

– Arrange a bonfire at a convenient spot on the beach.

– Gather around with loved ones for warmth and companionship.

– Play fun games such as charades or board games by torchlight or moonlight.

#16. Have Fun With Friends

Heading to the beach is a great way to have fun with friends. Whether you’re looking to play beach volleyball, build sand castles, or relax and soak up the sun, it will be an enjoyable time. You can always make the most of the wet sand and make sand angels!

#17. Taking Kids To The Beach

Taking kids to the beach is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether a short day trip or a week-long beach vacation, it will be filled with fun, laughter, and plenty of sand!

#18. Take a Long Walk On The Beach

–Walking on the beach is more than just a physical exercise; it’s a mental one too.

–Gaze at the crashing waves and contemplate possibilities that were previously beyond imagination.

–The sound of the sea serves as auditory inspiration and an invitation to open up a new train of thought.

#19. Go Snorkeling From The Beach

Exploring a whole new underwater wonderland is only a few steps away. Snorkeling from the beach is an opportunity to discover a variety of vibrant colors, plants, and wildlife beneath the surface that can’t be seen from land. Check out my article on: shallow-water snorkeling 

–Shoreline snorkeling is one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of coral reefs, streams, and lagoons.

–Snorkeling from the beach offers an intimate and convenient option for those wanting to see what lies beneath the surface of the sea.

–You’ll get up close and personal with exotic sea creatures without having to travel far from shore.

Next up, why not try your hand at camping on the beach?

Pro Tip: Invest in a pair of quality snorkel goggles with an anti-fog coating and UV protection so that you can better see underwater and avoid eye fatigue during your snorkeling experience.

Having fun on the beach watching the sunset and taking a walk

#20. Camp On The Beach

Why not take it to another level and camp on the beach? The sights and sounds of nature right before your eyes, waves lapping on the sand, as your tent stands in suspension. Sleeping under the stars with clean air flowing through your tent and majestic ocean views in front of you – what’s not to like?

Feel at one with nature by bringing out the adventurous side of yourself. From setting up campfires to night hikes, from cooking meals outdoors to snorkeling adventures – an unforgettable experience awaits.

Check out my article about camping on the beach which will give some important guidelines and also some cool ideas: Can You Camp On The Beach? Surprising Camping Rules You Need to Follow

To make the beach experience even more special, why not celebrate a special occasion?

#21. Celebrate A Special Occasion

–Why not celebrate a special occasion at the beach?

–After you’ve settled in and enjoyed your special occasion, it’s time to explore the area.

–Collecting seashells or rocks can be a great way to get closer to nature and make the most of your beach camping experience.

#22. Collect Seashells Or Rocks

Collecting shells and rocks is a great way to add sparkle to your day. Here are three easy steps to get you started:

1. Look for shells and rocks that are of different sizes, colors, and shapes. It’s always fun to see what the beach has to offer.

2. Use your shells and rocks to create a beachy masterpiece! Whether you make a necklace, a bracelet, or a mosaic, you can have fun while expressing your creativity.

Learn How to Polish Beach Stones without A Tumbler?

Next, take your beach exploration to the next level by hunting for driftwood.

#23. Collect Driftwood

Collecting driftwood is another great beach activity that can turn an ordinary day at the beach into an exciting adventure. Driftwood can be found in various sizes, shapes, and forms, and it’s a great way to add a unique item to your list of items from the beach. You can find driftwood washed up along the shore in places like Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, or even Glass Beach. Check out my article all about collecting driftwood from the beach: Can You Take Driftwood From The Beach?

#24. Go Wave Jumping

Collecting driftwood is one way to have a blast at the beach, but going wave jumping is more active, and you need to keep your wits about you. Instant action, and it’s you against the wave.

You can jump over the wave swell, or if it is too big, you can dive under it, and if you catch the wave just right, you body surf it into the shore. It’s a lot of fun, and I used to wave jumping for hours, just waiting for the next wave with friends.

#25. Indulge In Fruity Drinks

When it comes to having fun at the beach, indulging in fruity drinks should not be overlooked. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the classic beach activities like swimming and sunbathing, but enjoying a refreshing beverage can be just as enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great way to take in the natural habitat of Delray Beach, Florida, the home of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

Now that you’ve indulged in some fruity drinks, it’s time to move on to the next beach activity: eating seafood!

#26. Eat Seafood

When you’re done indulging in fruity drinks, it’s time to dig into some delicious seafood. Eating seafood at the beach is like a culinary adventure, and you’ll be able to find some of the freshest catches in San Diego, Palm Beach County, and Delray Beach. If you’re lucky enough to visit Glass Beach, you can try local delicacies like oysters and clams.

#27. Have Fun On Sand And Water With a Big Beach Ball

Gather your friends, family, and loved ones: it’s time to have fun in the sun! You can let loose on sand and water with a big beach ball. Kick off your shoes, grab the ball and play all day!

Playing in sand and water can be an incredibly fun experience, especially when you involve props like a big beach ball. A beach ball enhances the experience in ways adults and children can appreciate. This iconic accessory amplifies any ocean adventure, from hand-eye coordination to physical fitness.

All about beach ball games here: 9 [Best] Fun Games with Beach Ball- Beach Shoreline and Water Game Ideas

#28. Fly A Kite

If you want to take your beach day to the next level, you’ll want to consider flying a kite. This beach activity is a great way to create fun moments with your friends and family. Not only that, but it’s also the perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of the beach.

Without a doubt, kite flying is a must-do beach activity. But another activity you should consider trying out is collecting glass.

#29. Collect Glass

Flying a kite is a classic beach activity that never fails to bring a smile to your face! But if you’re looking for something different, why not try collecting glass?

On most beaches, you’ll find a variety of smooth stones and shells that the waves have washed up. But at certain beaches like Glass Beach, you’ll find a special type of glass with a smooth and glossy finish. Not only that, but in Hawaii you can also find glass balls. Check out my article about Glass Beach, California: Where is Glass Beach in California Located- [Remarkable Beach] Plus How it Formed

#30. Check out the Boardwalk or Pier

**Roaming the boardwalk or pier is a great way to enjoy the coastline.

**Strolling down the wooden planks of a seaside boardwalk or pier beckons us to let go of our worries and take in the salty air.

**The pier stretches periodically with shops, restaurants, art displays, arcades, and galleries, all presenting us with new experiences to discover.

**Visit during different times of day to get different experiences – waking up with coffee and watching the sunrise, spending a leisurely afternoon enjoying fishing along the pier, soaking up some sun on the beach during sunset, then dining in one of the local restaurants.

Check out my article on Florida boardwalks here: 13 Florida Beach Towns With Boardwalks- Visit The Best Florida Boardwalks

#31. Go Ocean Fishing

Going ocean fishing is a great beach activity that will get you out i n the sun and enjoying the water. It’s a fun and exciting way to spend time with your friends and family, and you’ll be able to catch some amazing catches. Before you go, there are a few things you’ll need to do to have the best experience possible. Here’s a list of items to prepare:

* Equipment:

* Fishing rods
* Fishing reels
* Tackle box
* Bait
* Bucket

* Clothing:

* Hat
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* Waterproof shoes

You’ll need to bring the necessary items, find the ideal location, and cast your line in the right direction. Ocean fishing is a great way to enjoy fun at the beach and an activity for the whole family.

Learn the Best Ways to Make the Most of Every Beach Trip. Make Every Beach Day Unbeatably Fun and Full of Memories

Be prepared for every beach outing. Research the destination beforehand and check the tide times, so you don’t get stuck at low tide. Pack a variety of activities, so there is always something to do, even if you hadn’t planned it in advance.

Explore your local beach area beyond the obvious attractions. You may be surprised to find parking spots right by a secluded beach or a set of rocks perfect for tide-pooling. Take time to look around, sometimes, new discoveries are just off the beaten path.

Finally, take lots of photos! Document your beach trip with pictures so you can go back and reminisce about all the amazing memories made during your time in nature!

The Secret to Having an Unforgettable and Fun Day at The Beach

There’s something special about spending a day at the beach. The feeling of sand between your toes, the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline, and the warm sun inviting you to relax can’t be beaten.

To make sure that your day is truly unforgettable, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind. Investing in quality beach gear, such as a comfortable beach chair or umbrella, can make all the difference. Bring plenty of snacks and keep hydrated with lots of water so you won’t miss out on fun times.

Finally, don’t forget to bring some good music and friends along! Listening to seaside tunes while playing beach games with loved ones will help ensure that your day at the beach remains an incredible memory for many days.

Pro Tip: Make sure to invest in high-quality beach gear like comfortable chairs and umbrellas, as well as providing plenty of snacks and beverages to ensure you have the best day possible at the beach.

Some Tips to Have More Fun At The Beach

How Do I Stay Safe From The Sun While At The Beach?

To stay safe from the sun while at the beach, wear a hat and sunglasses and apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Seek shade when possible, especially during the peak hours of 10 am to 4 pm, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

What Are The Local Regulations For Beach Activities?

Now that you know how to stay safe from the sun while at the beach, it’s time to think about the local regulations for beach activities. Knowing the local beach activity regulations can help ensure a safe and enjoyable time for everyone. Be sure to check with the local authorities before you head out to the beach. Many beaches have restrictions on littering, so be sure to keep your area clean and free of debris.

What Type Of Wildlife Can I Expect To See At The Beach?

  1. The beach also provides a home for a wide range of wildlife, from seabirds and sea turtles to dolphins and whales.
  2. I love to take a stroll along the beach and take in all the sights and sounds of the wildlife around me.
  3. It’s a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature.
  4. So, if you’re ever looking for something to do at the beach, why not take a few moments to appreciate the wildlife that calls it home?
  5. Remember to be respectful and keep your distance to avoid disturbing wildlife.

How Do You Relax at The Beach

–Find a comfortable spot on the beach to relax. You can lay down under a shady umbrella or sit in a deck chair.
–Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and take in the scenery around you.
–If you wish, read your favorite novel or flip through different magazines for some light entertainment during your holiday at the beach
–Enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun while taking in all of nature’s beauty around you

To enjoy your beach vacation fully, find a comfortable spot on the sand bed and sit or lie down while wearing sunglasses and basking in the sun rays around you!

How Can I Entertain Myself at The Beach

1. Bring a book or magazine to read while you sunbathe.

2. Take a football, Frisbee, or Nerf ball to play with your friends or family.

3. Make sure your bucket and shovel are packed if you plan to build a sand castle.

4. Make an upbeat music playlist with headphones or a portable speaker if you have space.

How Do You Enjoy a Fun Day at The Beach?

Enjoy a fun day at the beach by packing key items: sunscreen, beach towels, and a few snacks. Sports or beach activities you like – such as frisbee or volleyball, are great for getting everyone involved. End the day with a memorable sunset walk on the shore – it’s a perfect way to end your day!

What Is the Most Popular Activity at The Beach

The most popular activity at the beach is typically a variety of sports, such as beach volleyball, surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. These activities allow people to have fun together and meet new friends.

News Headline About Beachgoing Tourists and Improvement of The Local Economy (in the News Recently)

According to NOAA and a study they did in 2014-2017 in Washington State: (Source)

–Visitors to Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary contributed $101.6 million to local economies and supported nearly 1,200 jobs.

— The recently-published NOAA study found that over the course of 2014, sanctuary visitors from households within the state of Washington contributed $32.7 million in payments for camping and lodging sites in the vicinity.

— During their stays, visitors added an additional $30 million in food and beverage purchases –$18.6 million at restaurants and bars and another $11.4 from groceries, markets, and stores within 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) of the shoreline.

My Private Thoughts and Experiences of How To Have Fun At the Beach

As the owner of this website, it’s no surprise that I love the beach and that I have had fun at different beaches over the years. It is interesting to note that my experience of having fun at the beach has evolved. For instance, I went to the beach during my teenage years to jump waves, look cool and meet people.

Later, when I started my career in Europe, I traveled to European beaches in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, having fun exploring the new beach and discovering the sights, sounds, and cuisines of each beach together with work colleagues.

As a family, introducing to my kids and wife how to have fun on the beach either back in San Diego, where I grew up, or at different beach locations, seeing the joy on their faces when they jump in the waves is worth all the time and effort.

The beach is such an awesome place to have fun, there is something for everyone and I hope that not only this article but also this website gives people ideas they can use.


The beach is a great place to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family. There are so many activities to choose from, from swimming and sunbathing to creating sand sculptures and playing beach games.

No matter what activities you choose, the beach offers something for everyone. Taking the time to plan ahead and bring the right supplies and equipment can help to make your beach experience even more enjoyable.

By relaxing and enjoying yourself, you can make the most of your beach day and create lasting memories that will last a lifetime.