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Pink Sand Beach in Bahamas [Surprising Facts, Excursions, Weddings]

Going to the beach is always a pleasurable event for me. Whether on vacation, a small trip after work when I’m traveling abroad, or just a weekend getaway, there is some excitement and satisfaction in heading out to the beach. The excitement level would multiply for me if I went to a unique beach where I could see pink sand. It makes me wonder, why escape to the amazing pink sand beach in the Bahamas?

So, why escape to the pink sand beach in the Bahamas? The pink sand beach on Harbour Island stretches nearly 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). The beauty and uniqueness of this beach – one of about 15 pink beaches worldwide – are wonderful to experience. Also, it’s a perfect place for a memorable wedding or to do some snorkeling.

I’ll cover many aspects of the pink sand beach in the Bahamas, so keep on reading.

Let’s get started!

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Why Should You Escape to The Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas?

Which Beach in the Bahamas Has Pink Sand?

The pink sand beach in the Bahamas is a popular destination for tourists looking for a fun and relaxing getaway. The Bahamas offers many tourist attractions, such as its top-rated resorts, which provide an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. The pink sand beach on Harbour Island is the largest in the world.

The pink sand beach in the Bahamas is an ideal vacation destination for anyone who seeks relaxation and a break from everyday life. The water is refreshingly cool, and the breeze relieves the hot weather.

Why Should You Travel and Visit the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas?

Pink Sands Resort offers authentic island experiences and holds space for custom weddings and events.

There are many reasons why escaping to the pink sand beach in the Bahamas is a great idea! This beach is located on Harbour Island, one of the world’s most beautiful islands. In addition, North Eleuthera Airport makes it easy for visitors to reach this stunning destination.

Moreover, Pink Sands Beach is considered the best beach on Harbour Island. It is the spot for you if you’re looking for a place to relax and soak up some sun. And if you’re looking to tie the knot or host an event, Pink Sands Resort offers authentic island experiences that will make your special day unforgettable.

The best unique sand in the world

The Pink Sands Beach Bahamas is not just a good beach but one of the best beaches in the world. The private luxury resort offers beautiful scenery and old-world charm. 

pink sand from the islands are made from tiny pink beach shells and pink coral

What Are Some Fun Facts About the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas?

Did you know that the pink sand beach in the Bahamas gets its color from coral reefs? The light pink color of the sand comes from thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate materials left behind by foraminifera (tiny marine creatures with red and pink shells). (Source)

The pink sand beach is a beautiful sight to behold. Here are three facts about Pink Sand Beach Bahamas.

1. Pink Sand Beach Bahamas Is Located in the Eleuthera Islands

Pink Sand Beach Bahamas is located on the island of Eleuthera. The island is part of the Bahamas archipelago.

Eleuthera is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches. However, there is one beach that stands out among the rest.

This beach is called Pink Sand Beach Bahamas. It is located on the north side of the island.

It is a small stretch of sand that is surrounded by coral reefs.

There are no hotels or restaurants nearby.

YouTube Video Drone Footage of Harbor Island

Watch amazing drone footage of Pink Sands beaches of Harbor Island in the Bahamas. YouTube Video by Varied Perspective Technologies

2. This Beach Has Been Voted One Of The Top 10 Beaches In The World

In 2010, Pink Sand Beach Bahamas was ranked number nine on TripAdvisor’s list of the top ten beaches in the world. TripAdvisor said that the beach had an amazing view and was very relaxing. They added that the water was clear and warm.

3. There Are No Hotels Or Restaurants Nearby

Most people don’t know that this beach has no hotels or restaurants nearby. They think that they are going to find a hotel or restaurant right next door. However, they are wrong. There are no restaurants or hotels near the beach.

Some Facts About the Shells that Make the Sand Its Light Pink Color

The pink sand on the beach in the Bahamas comes from crushed shells that have been mixed with the grains of sand. The unique color is incredible when set against turquoise water.

According to Wikipedia, Harbour Island’s pink sand beach was created from “foraminifera, a microscopic organism that actually has a reddish-pink shell.” (Source)

pink coral is one of the things that makes pink sand beaches on harbour island bahamas eleuthra

What Are the 7 Pink Sand Beaches? What Are the Other Beaches with Pink Shades Coloring in The World?

The first nine pink sand beaches are normally attributed as having pink sand in the real sense of it looking pink and being derived from shells, and coral or pink shelled organisms are:

1. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

2. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

3. Pink Sands Beach, The Bahamas

4. Pink Beach, Indonesia

5. Pink Sand Beach, Crane Beach, Barbados

6. Pink Beaches of Barbuda

7. Tangsi Beach, Indonesia

8. Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece 

9. Beaches of Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

This second set of pink sand beaches are designated as pink beaches, but can be a different color or hue of pink, have limited sections of pink sand, are only pink at certain times of the year, or have special conditions. 

10. Playa de ses Illetes, Spain

11. Pink Beach, Bonaire

12. Pink Beaches of Tikehau, French Polynesia

13. Kaihalulu Beach, Maui

14. Les Sables Roses, French Polynesia

15. Pachia Ammos, Falassarna, Greece

16. Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia, Italy

17. Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California

18. Bonaire Pink Beach, Dutch Caribbean Island

Interestingly, the pink or pink shade colors are derived and created differently. For instance, some are created by crushed shells, others by crushed coral, crushed microorganisms, some from crushed volcanic rock, and others by a combination of those. 

What Is the History of The Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas?

As an island in the Bahamas, it was part of the Commonwealth in the 1950s. Following this, the British made the islands self-governing in 1964. The Bahamas gained full independence in 1973 but remained part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Here are some interesting facts about the island, Eleuthera, which is where the pink sand beach is located: 

-The island of Eleuthera is in the eastern part of the Bahamas.

-The island is a part of the Great Bahama Bank.

-“Eleuthera” is derived from the feminine Greek adjective ἐλεύθερος‚ (eleutheros), meaning “free.”

-Known in the 17th century as Cigateo, it lies 80 kilometers east of Nassau.

-It is long and thin – 180 kilometers long and little more than 1.6 kilometers wide.

-The eastern side faces the Atlantic Ocean, and its western side faces the Great Bahama Bank.

-The island’s topography varies from wide rolling pink sand beaches to large outcrops of ancient coral reefs, and its population is approximately 11,000. (


Best Excursions To Take and Activities To Do While on the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach Bahamas – Harbor Island Pink Sand Beach Bahamas is located on Harbour Island. This beautiful beach has white sand and turquoise water. There are no hotels or resorts here, so visitors come to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Best Excursions to Take

There are several things to do on Harbour Island. One of these is to visit Pink Sand Beach Bahamas. Here, you can relax and enjoy the view of the ocean.

First, How to Get There?

To reach Harbor Island Pink Sand Beach, take a ferry from Nassau to Harbour Island.

After you get there, here are four places you can go from Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas:

1. Visit the Blue Hole

Blue Hole is one of the most popular attractions on Harbour Island. It is a natural sinkhole that is about 50 feet deep. Visitors can swim in its cool waters.

2. Go snorkeling

Snorkeling is another activity you can do at Pink Sand Beach Bahamas. If you don’t feel comfortable swimming in the sea, you can rent a kayak or canoe and explore the area.

3. Take a boat ride

Harbour Island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Visitors can take a boat ride across this bridge. The trip takes about 15 minutes.

4. Explore the island

Harbour Island is home to many restaurants, bars, shops, and souvenir stores. You can shop for gifts and souvenirs or simply enjoy the place’s ambiance.

What Are the Most Popular Activities on The Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas?

The most popular activities on the pink sand beach in the Bahamas are sunbathing, photography, swimming, and wading. Visitors can also go snorkeling to see what’s below the water’s surface or hike up and down the beach. The surrounding area is relatively rural, but there’s plenty to see otherwise. The most popular activities on the pink sand beach in the Bahamas are sunbathing, photography, swimming, and wading. People of all ages can enjoy these activities.

Here’s a list of 10 things you can enjoy doing on Harbor Island in the Bahamas:

#1. Take a walk on the beach – Hiking isn’t an activity that many people associate with tropical getaways, but walking up and down Pink Sands Beach is worth it. The surrounding seascape area is relatively rural, but there’s plenty to see otherwise, so take that walk on the beach and enjoy the view of the turquoise water and the pink sand

#2. Go snorkeling – Snorkeling is another activity you can do on Harbor Islands Pink Sand Beach. You can rent equipment such as masks, fins, and snorkel gear.

#3. Swim in the ocean – Swimming in the ocean is another activity you can enjoy on Harbor Island Pink Sand. You can swim in the clear waters and enjoy the views of the pink sand. You can also go scuba diving here.

#4. Play volleyball – Play volleyball on the beach.

#5. Enjoy a picnic – Enjoy a picnic on the beach. Have fun doing these activities on Harbor Island Pink Sand beach.

#6. Visit the lighthouse – Visit the lighthouse on Harbor Island Pink Sand and enjoy the view of turquoise water and pink sand. 

#7. Eat seafood – Eat seafood on the beach. Enjoy eating fish, shrimp, lobster, and crab.

#8. Relax- Relax on the beach and watch the sunset.

#9. Shop -Shop for souvenirs at the shops near Harbor Island Pink Sand.

#10. Make new friends – Make new friends on Harbor Island Pink Sand Beaches

how about a wedding at the best pink sand beaches on the island in the bahamas

Can You Get Married on The Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas?

Yes, you can get married right on the beach. Planning the wedding, getting all the certifications, inviting your guests, and making all the arrangements is possible by yourself. Still, a wedding planner who checks all the services and coordination activities is recommended. Let’s take a closer look at how to get married on the pink sand beach. 

How to Have a Beach Wedding in the Bahamas?

How to Have a Beach Wedding in the Bahamas?

Wedding Venue

The Bahamas is a great place to consider if you’re looking for an idyllic wedding venue. There are many beautiful locations to choose from, and the friendly locals will ensure your day goes smoothly.

Pink Sands Resort is the ideal place for a wedding reception or ceremony. With its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic setting.

Rock House in Harbour Island, Bahamas, is one venue option for your wedding or event of any kind. It offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and can accommodate up to 400 guests.

Harbour Island is a beach wedding destination in the Bahamas. The island offers an intimate setting, impeccable service, and memorable experiences.

How to Find an Affordable Beach Wedding Package in the Bahamas?

How to Find an Affordable Beach Wedding Package in the Bahamas?

The best way to find an affordable beach wedding in the Bahamas is by asking for help from your wedding planner. A beach wedding package listed on this website doesn’t mean it’s accurate. There are multiple wedding services with private beach areas to choose from. 

Look for an All-Inclusive Beach Wedding Package

If you’re looking to have a destination wedding, the Bahamas is a great place to consider. Many resorts offer beach wedding packages, which can take care of all the details for you. It’s important to find an on-site wedding consultant to help plan your special day.

A certified destination wedding specialist can assist with documents and officiant fees. The cost of a beach wedding package in the Bahamas is $3810. Four-night accommodations are available for $3810.

I wrote an article about wedding costs and how to keep them low as possible. Perhaps this might help you in planning for a wedding in the Bahamas. Check it out here: How Much Does a Beach Wedding Cost?

Find a Beach Wedding Package with Styling Services

When looking for a beach wedding package, ask about styling services. Many destinations offer on-site wedding consultants who can help with everything from arranging the flowers and décor to selecting the perfect location for your ceremony.

Pink Sands Hotel Resort is one service provider option that gives an elegant setting and outstanding services for those looking for a beach wedding on Harbour Island. Our packages include assistance with a marriage license, officiant, cake, champagne, and so much more. Plus, a small bouquet and bottle of champagne are included in most packages!

What’s more, couples are invited to their private patio with spectacular views of the ocean and pink sand beach before or after their wedding ceremony. Pink Sands Weddings can be a great option for you. (Source)

What to Look for in a Beach Wedding Package in the Bahamas

When looking for a beach wedding package, it is important to consider the following:

*The location of the ceremony and reception.

*What type of ceremony would you like- religious or civil?

*Do you want an officiant?

*What type of flowers do you want?

*Is music important to you? If so, who will provide it?

*How many guests are you expecting?

*Will there be any additional activities, such as kayaking or snorkeling?

*What is the price range that fits within your budget?

A Certified Destination Wedding Specialist can help plan the perfect beach wedding.  

What Are the Best Ways to Make My Bahamas Beach Wedding Unique?

When planning your Bahamas beach wedding, you may be wondering how to make it unique. After all, you want your day to be special and memorable. Here are a few ideas:

1. Have a themed wedding.

2. Choose an unusual location for your ceremony or reception.

3. Rent some fun props or decorations for the day.

4. Ask friends and family to contribute creative touches to the celebration.

5. Serve specialty drinks or food at your reception.”

How Much Will a Destination Beach Wedding in The Bahamas Cost?

The cost of a destination beach wedding in the Bahamas varies depending on the size and type of wedding you want. A micro-wedding with 50 people costs $20,000 to $25,000. For a luxury destination wedding with a guest count of over 100 people, it will run you well over $100,000

Final Thoughts    

So there you have some great reasons to escape to pink sand beach in the Bahamas. I’ve covered some cool facts about the pink sand beach, including how it gets its beautiful pink color, what are some excursions and activities to do on Harbour Island, and an overview of how to plan a wedding and get married on the pink sand beach. For your next trip to the Bahamas, take some of these tips and apply them to your situation. The best thing you can do for a journey to the Bahamas has a good plan and then get moving to implement it.