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Top 9 Beach Ball Games for Fun at the Beach : Beach Ball Games For Kids  

Beach Ball Games And Activities Fun For Kids And Families

Summer is a great time to spend quality time with family and friends. You should consider visiting the beach if you want to enjoy some fun outdoor activities. The weather is warm, the sand is soft, and the water is inviting. And also, there are plenty of fun games you can play using a ball at the beach. And then there is the bright red, white, blue and yellow striped plastic beachball. Many grew up with one or more always available to take to the beach. It makes me wonder, what are some fun games with beach balls?

boy in white t-shirt running on the beach kicking a large colorful beachball, Top 9 Beach Ball Games for Fun at the Beach : Beach Ball Games For Kids

What Are the 9 Fun Games with Beach Ball?

So, what are the 9 fun games with beach ball? You can play on the sand or in the water these beachball games – #1. Catch the Beach Ball, #2. Tossing the Beach Ball, #3. Dodgeball, #4. Beach Volleyball, #5. Soccer Beachball, #6. Beach Ball Catch in the Ocean Waves, #7. Beach Ball Toss and Catch in the Surf, #8. Beach Volley in the Waves, #9. Beach Dodgeball While The Waves Crash In

Beach balls are perfect for indoor and outdoor play. They are lightweight and portable and can be easily stored in a closet or garage. And there are many different types of them, but they all share one thing in common: they’re made from an inflated plastic material that bounces around when hit.

The most popular type is the volleyball-style beach ball, which looks like a large beach ball with two handles. This style is great for playing catch with your kid at home or taking it out to the park. If you want something more portable, try a beach ball with a handle attached to it so you can take it anywhere.

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I’ll discuss the history of beach balls, and we’ll be discussing some of the most fun beach ball games you can enjoy at the beach, in the surf, and in the sand! If you want to know more about this topic, keep reading. I will cover everything there is to know about beach balls and their uses.

What Beach Ball Games You Can Play on the Beach? 9 Top Beach Ball Games For The Beach

People enjoy playing games with beach balls because they are simple to play and require little effort. It is fun to play with. It bounces high up into the air. When you throw the beach ball, it goes higher and higher until it lands back down on the ground or the water. Do you know many ways to play beach ball games in the water or the waves? Many of these are designed for kids, but these are beach ball games for adults too! Here are 9 ideas for you to consider.

#1. Catch the Beach Ball

One of the easiest beach ball games to play is catching the beach ball. Simply stand near the edge of the ocean or lake and wait for the beach ball to come rolling toward you. As soon as you see the beach ball coming your way, jump up and grab it before it hits the ground.

beach ball, ball, inflatable, Top 9 Beach Ball Games for Fun at the Beach : Beach Ball Games For Kids, best beach games, beach games with balls, fun games with beach ball, beachball game, best beach ball, beach ball games, beach ball games for adults, beach ball game

#2. Tossing the Beach Ball

Tossing the beach ball is yet another simple game to play. All you have to do is stand near the edge of a body of water and wait for the beachballs to come rolling toward you at different speeds. When you see the beach ball approach, quickly jump up and try to catch it before it hits your foot.

#3. Dodgeball

Dodgeball is another fun beach ball sport that involves throwing the beach ball at your opponents. This is beach ball game is one that you and your friends can play for hours. To start the game, divide your group into teams by having everyone pick a side. Then, one team member will throw the beach ball at the other team members. After the first round of throwing has ended, both teams switch sides and continue throwing the ball at their opponents.

People Playing Volleyball on the Beach, Top 9 Beach Ball Games for Fun at the Beach : Beach Ball Games For Kids, beach ball games for adults, best beach ball, beachball game, beach games with balls, beach ball games, fun games with beach ball, best beach games, beach ball game

#4. Beach Volleyball

A very popular beach ball game is beach volleyball. This game requires two people to play. Each person holds one end of the beach ball while the other person serves the ball. At the beginning of the game, the server tosses the ball high into the air and waits for his partner to return the ball. When he does, the server jumps up and tries to serve the ball again. The winner of the game is the person who can score the most points.

#5. Soccer Beachball

Soccer kickball is a fun game to play if you’re looking for something more competitive. In soccer kickball, each player takes turns kicking the beach ball as hard as they can. The goal of the sport is to kick the ball through the hoop.

Beach Ball Games You Can Play In the Water and Surf

Playing beach ball games in waves is a great way to burn calories. You can also improve your balance and coordination. In addition, playing beach ball games in water helps strengthen muscles and joints.

It’s a great way to encourage kids to exercise on the beach with ball games. They offer fun ways to play while improving your child’s physical fitness. Since they are designed to work out your kids’ muscles and keep them active, they promote coordination, strength, balance, and overall motor skills.

#6. Beach Ball Catch in the Ocean Waves

Beach Ball Catch is a challenging game to play in the ocean waves. To play, you need a beach ball and ocean waves. First, sit or stand in the ocean with your feet in the water steps from the beach. Next, throw your beach ball into the water waves and then go actively after the beach ball.

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#7. Beach Ball Toss and Catch in the Surf

Playing catch with other people, stand a distance (about 15 or 20 feet) from each other in a circle or square shape. Then throw the ball to each other. You will find it is not so easy to stand up all the time in the surf, and that makes it a lot of fun!

#8. Beach Volley in the Waves

The aim is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible, playing with 3-5 people. Stand about 10-15 feet apart and start to volley the beach ball to each other, even as the surf comes in. Quite a balancing act! This is fun and is one of the best beach games I’ve played with friends.

#9. Beach Dodgeball While The Waves Crash In

To play this game, 2-3 players on each side face each other while in the ocean surf. Take turns trying to hit each other with the beach ball. The cool thing about water dodgeball is that you almost never have to go and chase the ball…except if it catches a wave and goes ashore.

Men Holding Each Others shoulders and Jumping with a beach ball on a Beach. Top 9 Beach Ball Games for Fun at the Beach : Beach Ball Games For Kids, beach games with balls, beach ball game, beach ball games for adults, best beach games, fun games with beach ball, beachball game, best beach ball, beach ball games

 Who Invented Beach Balls – The History Behind

Beach balls are inflatable balls filled with air and usually come in bright colors. They are designed to bounce around and provide entertainment for kids and adults alike. The first known use of a beach ball was by a man named William C. Taylor. He invented the ball in 1875 and patented it in 1877. It was called “a new article of manufacture.” It was described as “composed of rubber or similar elastic substance, having a smooth surface, and provided with a circular opening through its center.”

Taylor used the ball to entertain his friends during parties and social gatherings. He gave free samples of his invention to people he met and asked them to spread the word about his product.

Some Interesting Statistics

  1. Beach ball games are the most popular outdoor activities for kids, with over 75% of children playing with beach balls at least once a month.
  2. Beach ball games are the most popular type of outdoor game for adults, with over 65% of adults playing at least once a month.
  3. Beach ball games can be played by people of all ages, with an average age range of 5-15 years old.
  4. Beach ball games are the most popular type of game for family gatherings, with over 80% of families playing beach ball games at least once a month.
  5. Beach ball games are the most popular type of game for beach parties, with over 90% of beach parties featuring beach ball games.
  6. Over 50% of beach ball games are played in teams of two or more players.
  7. Over 60% of beach ball games involve two or more beach balls.

What Is A Beach Ball Made Of?

A beach ball is made up of a flexible material that inflates when air exposure. Some beach balls are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), while others are made from latex. The vinyl beach ball is the most popular type because it is durable and easy to clean. However, if you prefer a softer feel, you may choose a beach ball made from latex instead.

Why Do So Many Children at An Early Age Play with Beach Balls?

The beach ball has been around for decades and was originally used to help kids practice throwing and catching. Today, they are still popular toys among young children. They come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are made from plastic, while others are made out of rubber. There are also beach balls that are made from foam. These are especially good for toddlers who love to throw things around.

Personal Thoughts and Experiences with A Beach Ball at The Beach with My Children

I bought the biggest beach ball I could find at the store so my kids would have something to play with at the beach. My view is, the bigger the better! There is nothing more fun than kicking a big beach ball around the beach and in the waves.

In my personal experience, I find that beach ball games create an incredible bond between family members. If I had the chance, I’d play “Beach Ball Relay” with my kids at the picturesque town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, because it fosters teamwork and laughter. Also, Carmel-by-the-Sea is such a cool place with a cool vibe.

Additionally, I would try “Beach Ball Volleyball” at the pristine Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, as it’s an engaging game that combines physical activity with the stunning backdrop of the ocean. Our whole family wants to return to Hawaii as soon as we save the money. While at these beaches, I would cherish the quality time spent with my children, creating memories through our shared love for beach ball games.

Keep It Simple -Playing Catch with A Beach Ball at The Beach – Beach Games With Ball

Beach Ball Catch

You will need a beach ball and at least one other person. The game is played by throwing the ball at each other, trying to keep it in the air for as long as possible. The aim is to score points by throwing the ball to your partner and having them catch it without dropping it.

What You Need:

All you need is a beach ball!


Playing catch with a beach ball is a great way to have fun in the sun while also getting some exercise. This activity can help improve your coordination and hand-eye coordination, as well as strengthen your arm muscles.

Beach Ball Toss

You will need a beach ball and at least one other person. If you have more people, you can split into teams. The game’s object is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible without dropping it or going out of bounds.

To start, one player throws the beach ball up in the air, and another player tries to catch it. Once caught, that player then throws it back up in the air to their partner. Players can use their hands, arms, or chest to keep the beach ball from touching the ground. If playing with teams, each team tries to keep their beach ball in play and away from touching the ground.

The game is over when a team drops their beach ball or throws it out of bounds. The team with the most catches at the end is declared the winner!

What you need:

-A Beach Ball

-At least one other person


-Great way to spend time with friends or family

-Can be played on any terrain

Challenging Classroom Games with a Variety of Props and Materials

Incorporating a variety of props and materials in the classroom or a beach learning situation can create challenging and engaging games for students. Pool noodles, hula hoops, and markers can be used to set up obstacle courses that require problem-solving skills, gross motor skills, and teamwork. For instance, students can navigate through a course designed with pool noodles and hula hoops, requiring them to use their knees, head, and other body parts to complete the challenge. Teachers can also use markers to create lines and string together questions that students must answer as they progress through the course. These games not only provide a fun break from traditional class activities but also allow students to explore different ways of learning, fostering a sense of accomplishment and building stronger bonds among classmates.

Create Teamwork Fun With a Beach Ball 

This game is best played with at least four people, but more people can join in if you like. You will need a beach ball and a large open space. I’ll describe the games later in the article, but this teamwork idea can be used for beachball catch and toss.

To start, one person should be designated as the “thrower,” and the rest of the players should form a line about 10 feet away from them. The thrower should then try to bounce the beach ball to another player in the line. If they are successful, that player becomes the new thrower and gets to bounce the ball to someone else. If they are not successful, they remain throwers and have another turn.

The game continues until everyone has had a turn as the thrower or until someone drops the ball (in which case they become the new thrower).

What you need:

-A beach ball

-A large open space

-At least four people

Improve motor skills and reflexes

The beach ball can be used to improve motor skills and reflexes. To do this, bounce the ball off a hard surface, such as a concrete wall or the ground. Try to catch the ball with one hand as the ball comes back to you. Then, repeat the process with your other hand.


By repeatedly catching and throwing the beach ball, you can help improve your coordination and fine motor skills. This activity can also help increase your reaction time.

Using Bowling Pins and Balls to Enhance Math Skills in Students

Bowling pins and balls can be a fun and interactive way to teach math equations, numbers, and counting to students. Set up a small bowling alley in the classroom or school gym, or even while at the beach, with a set of bowling pins and a ball. Assign each pin a number and challenge students to knock down specific ones to solve math equations or meet a target number. For example, students can be tasked with solving a multiplication problem by knocking down pins with the correct factors. Groups can be formed to encourage teamwork and friendly competition, while students also develop gross motor skills by rolling the ball and trying to hit the target pins.

How To Play With Beach Balls

When playing with a beach ball, ensure you have enough space to move around freely. It would be best if you were not too close to walls or other objects that could get caught in the ball’s seams. Also, ensure that you don’t leave any sharp objects around. When playing with a beach ball indoors, you should avoid using furniture such as couches and tables. Instead, you should sit on the floor and place the ball on the ground.

You should always ensure you have plenty of room to run around and play safely when playing outdoors. It would help if you never stood directly under the ball or put yourself in danger by falling into the water.

Where Can I Find Beach Balls?

You can find beach balls everywhere, including toy stores, department stores, discount stores, dollar stores, and even online retailers.

Why Is A Large Beach Ball More Fun?

A large beach ball is more fun because you can see it easier, it bounces higher and makes it more fun to run after. A large beach ball has more surface area than if you had a smaller one. This means more potential interactions with the ball, making it fun for everyone involved.

Have More Fun – Use a Large (or Extra Large) Beach Ball

Using a large beach ball is great fun. They come in different sizes, so make sure to pick one big enough for you and your friends to enjoy. The larger, the better!

  • The bigger the ball, the more visible it is, especially in the water.
  • They are REALLY easy to throw.
  • It’s more fun!
  • You can throw it at your friends, pets, neighbors, or spouse. 😉
  • It’s portable! Just deflate it when ready to leave
  • It’s cheaper than a gym membership!

Final Thoughts

The beach ball is an excellent toy for children and adults alike. If you want to play with your kids, this article will help you learn how to play beach ball games. For those who love sports, the beach ball is a good choice. There are many different kinds of beach ball games that you can play. Make sure you choose the type of game you think would be the most enjoyable for you and your family during your vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions‍

What are some fun beach ball games and activities?

There are many fun beach ball games and activities to enjoy at the beach. Some popular options include beach volleyball, hula hoop contests, and towel races.

How can beach ball games improve motor skills?

Beach ball games require players to use their hands and feet to control the ball, which can help improve motor skills and coordination.

Can beach ball games be educational?

Yes, beach ball games can also be educational. For example, you can write sight words on a beach ball and have children read the words as they play.

How can I play beach ball games with older kids?

Beach ball games can be adapted to suit older kids. You can add challenges like using only one hand to hit the ball or playing with a larger beach ball.

What are some fun activities to do with beach balls?

Besides traditional beach ball games, you can also play hot potato, toss the ball around in a circle, or see how many times you can throw a beach ball into the air before it touches the ground.

How can I make beach ball games more challenging?

To make beach ball games more challenging, you can play with a smaller beach ball, reduce the size of the playing area, or increase the distance between players.

Can beach ball games be played indoors?

Yes, beach ball games can be adapted to be played indoors. You can use a beach ball in games like ball over the net or pass the ball around a circle.

How can I keep the beach ball from rolling away?

If you’re playing on the beach, you can use a beach towel as a barrier to stop the ball from rolling away. Alternatively, you can mark a playing area with cones or use a beach ball with a heavier bottom.

How can I incorporate beach balls into learning activities?

You can write different questions or math problems on a beach ball and have children answer them as they pass the ball back and forth. This is a fun way to review concepts and keep kids engaged.

Are beach ball games suitable for kids of all ages?

Yes, beach ball games can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Younger kids can practice basic motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while older kids can engage in more complex game strategies.