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Best Vacation Spots for Beaches- 15 Amazing Destinations [Surprising Criteria]

15 Best Vacation Spots for Beaches

People love beaches. It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy life. The beach is somewhere you can unwind and escape your day-to-day stresses and worries. The beach provides the ideal environment to relax, unwind and forget about your worries and stresses. The beach is somewhere you can get away from everything and everyone, spend some time with yourself, enjoy the sunshine, and relax. It makes me wonder, what are the best vacation spot types for beaches?

So, what are the best vacation spots for beaches? Here are 15 of them – the different types: #1. Exotic Beach Vacations, #2. Unforgettable Beach Escapes, #3. Best Beaches In The US, #4. Best Beach Vacations Spots In The World, #5. Romantic Beach Getaways, #6. Family-Friendly Beach Vacations, #7. Beach Vacation Ideas For Couples, #8. Beach Vacations In The USA, #9. Budget-Friendly Beach Destinations, #10. Top Beaches For Surfing, #11. Best Beaches For Snorkeling, #12. Most Scenic Beaches For Photography, #13. Luxury Beach Resorts Around The World, #14. Secluded Beach Retreats and #15. Beachside Activities And Adventures.


– There are many beach vacations, from exotic to family-friendly to luxury resorts.

– Beach vacations offer something for everyone, with various activities and attractions depending on the destination.

– The US has some of the best beaches in the world, including Cape Cod, La Jolla Cove, Myrtle Beach, and Cannon Beach.

– Some of the best beach vacation spots in the world include Sri Lanka, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Best Vacation Spots for Beaches-15 Types of Destinations Surprising Criteria

 Let’s take a look at some statistics about beach spots and where people prefer to go:

– Statistics: Beach spots are an increasingly popular destination for travelers, with the World Tourism Organization reporting that tourists visited 1.4 billion beach spots in 2018.

– Statistics: Beach spots are also becoming more popular in terms of their economic impact, with the World Travel & Tourism Council estimating that beach spots contributed $329 billion to global GDP in 2017.

– Statistics: Beach spots are also a major draw for tourists, with the United Nations World Tourism Organization reporting that beach spots were the third most popular tourist activity in 2017, behind only shopping and dining.

Some people might prefer secluded and quiet beaches, while others might prefer busy beaches full of people. However, the best beaches are the ones that are close to major cities and cities that have international airports. This allows people to get to the beach quickly without spending too much time traveling. It also gives people the chance to enjoy a variety of activities near the beach such as golfing, shopping, dining out, and going to concerts.

The type of beach vacation a person is looking for is what influences the decision of which beach town or beach to visit. In this article, I’ll be looking and defining the different types and a whole lot more. Continue to read and follow along, it’s worth the time!

Let’s get started.

Beach Vacation Spots for Beaches – The 15 Types of Beach Vacation Destinations

Instead of looking at individual beaches or geographic locations, let’s change the perspective and group the beach vacation spots with beaches. Here are 15 different types of beach vacation destinations. Let’s dive in with these different types:

#1. Exotic Beach Vacations

Discovering a vacation like no other requires the perfect mix of adventure, tranquillity and culture. An exotic beach escape provides just this.

From the white sand beaches of the Caribbean to Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos where you can soak up the turquoise waters, head to Jamaica for laid-back vibes in Montego Bay or explore stunning Ambergris Caye in Belize. There’s an unforgettable escape for everyone.

For a closer experience, explore Assateague Island in Maryland with its wild horses and pristine beaches or take an adventure to south Padre Island in Texas where you can experience warm waters and stunning sunsets.

Beach vacation spots where you can relax in blue water and white sand

#2. Unforgettable Beach Escapes

Seeking sun? Look to the coasts. Beach escapes are a delightfully easy way to make magical memories of a lifetime.

The Caribbean offers tranquility in its blue waters, while Hawaii beckons with sun-soaked shores. Both destinations provide a vast variety of activities for the vibrant couple.

But why only settle for the popular choices? Cast off the beaten path in search of hidden gems. Secret coves, untouched islands – never know what wonders await discovery.

#3. Best Beaches In The US

The choice is vast. From lighthouses to crystal-clear waters, no two beaches are the same.

Cape Cod in Massachusetts boasts a charming array of sea views, La Jolla Cove in California sees year-round sunshine, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has busy boardwalks and family attractions, Cannon Beach on the west coast, dazzles with picture-perfect sunsets, and Kaanapali in Hawaii offers white sand, lush palm trees and an unparalleled sense of relaxation.

Every beach gives something unique to the table. Days can be spent bobbing in the waves, walking along golden sands; nights catching sunsets over clifftops, or refueling on local seafood dishes.

For those wanting the wow factor, from San Diego to Kaanapali – every beach provides added luxuries too – pristine golf courses, boutique hotels, and local festivals entertain travelers across all corners of the US coastline.

#4. Best Beach Vacations Spots In The World

Seeking serenity? Adventure? Awe? Beach vacations promise it all.

The Caribbean can offer up unique experiences too. From Jamaica’s glistening waters to the Bahamas’ unforgettable reefs, each area promises its own special adventure.

Mexico is also rife with possibilities for beach lovers seeking something extra. Its spectacular shores offer activities ranging from swimming in the waves to exploring ancient ruins – all surrounded by lush rainforest greenery.

Beach vacation spots in Mexico right on the beach

Pro Tip: Experience the unique beauty of the Caribbean with its glistening waters and unforgettable reefs.

#5. Romantic Beach Getaways

Adventure awaits with a romantic beach getaway. On the white sands of Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos or Wailea Beach, Hawaii, immerse in turquoise waters and enjoy stunning sunsets.

In Huntington Beach, California, make memories of paddling the pier or surfing the waves together. Laguna Beach, California, offers compelling coves to explore and capture sunset moments by kayak.

Jamaica’s Montego Bay is alive with sun-filled days and nights exploring the island on boat excursions.

#6. Family-Friendly Beach Vacations

Beaches beckon for a reunion. And at no time is that more true than planning a family beach vacation. From Caribbean shores to American coastlines, every beach offers its own unique experience. There’s nothing quite like spending days by the shore to reset and reconnect with those closest to you.

Mexico and the Caribbean offer perfect combinations of white sand, crystal clear waters, and endless activities to keep everyone busy. You can choose from beach volleyball, snorkeling or even get adventurous with local tours and excursions.

Florida, California, and Hawaii provide great options for laid-back experiences in the United States. With plenty of luxurious resorts close to stunning ocean views and beaches dotted with volleyball nets, there’s something for every taste here too.

#7. Beach Vacation Ideas For Couples

Romance. Intimacy. Adventure. Nothing quite compares to a beach vacation just for two.

Whether you crave a secluded private beach where the only sounds are your own, or a grand excursion of sandy discoveries and exploration, there is an unforgettable tailored-made experience for the two of you.

Fancy luxury resorts offer exceptional amenities amid exclusive stretches of sand, while hidden gems nestle in peaceful coves offering natural serenity and utter privacy. For couples looking for adventure, robust surf breaks and stunning coral gardens await you both, ready for discovery under sun-filled skies.

#8. Beach Vacations In The USA

Serenity awaits. Beach vacations in the USA are the perfect way to take a break from the hectic nature of daily life and relax in some of the most beautiful spots in the country.

From East Coast to West Coast, every beach vacationer can find paradise with main attractions such as Cape Cod’s coastal towns, South Carolina’s quintessential beach resorts and San Diego’s unparalleled scenery.

Each location offers its own unique activity, whether it is step into Myrtle Beach’s sun-filled sand dunes or sail away at Mission Beach and feel contentment wash over you all.

But no matter where you go, each spot promises something special: an unrivaled escape to bask in peaceful moments that will inevitably recharge and inspire.

Beach vacation spots in Coronado, California

#9. Budget-Friendly Beach Destinations

Affordable holidays at the beach? Yes, please! Finding pocket-friendly beach escapes is easier than ever. There are many superb spots, no matter if East or West is your coast preference.

For starters, head to Ocean City and Nags Head in Maryland and North Carolina, respectively for miles of shoreline and plenty of budget-friendly accommodation. Or explore the Outer Banks “a great place for those seeking sand on a tight wallet.”

California isn’t far behind either: San Diego boasts some of the country’s best beaches, with a selection of affordable motels and hotels.

So don’t break the bank just yet: you can have an effortless holiday full of sun, activities and fun without sacrificing your savings. Getting away to the beach could be cheaper than you ever thought possible!

Write two pro tips no longer than one sentence, from the background information above

Pro Tip: San Diego offers some of the best beaches in the US with budget-friendly amenities.

  #10. Top Beaches For Surfing

Surfside fun awaits. Whether you are an experienced rider or learning the ropes, there are beach escapes with ideal conditions for catching a great wave.

Outer Banks, North Carolina, sets the scene for beginners and experts alike. Nags Head and Kitty Hawk provide simple swells; Coligny Beach Park offers higher-level challenges.

Cocoa Beach on Florida’s East Coast is known for consistent waves, perfect for refining skills. Jet skiing and kayaking add to the experience here.

Oahu and Maui make Hawaii a classic surfside destination. Consistent waves make it perfect for all levels of riders – from lush coastlines to dreamy secret spots – every surfer finds their own paradise here.

#11. Best Beaches For Snorkeling

Snorkeling can give you a magical experience like no other. Discover its depths and explore the vibrant coral reefs and exotic marine life with some of the best beaches for snorkeling worldwide.

In Sri Lanka, immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters and observe the unique tropical fish. Playa Del Carmen will give you white sand beaches to swim through while Mexico’s abundance of coral reefs provide a stunning look into the deep blue sea.

Polihale State Park welcomes those looking for an isolated paradise. Take in Hawaii’s tranquil atmosphere whilst snorkeling in the shallow waters and admiring its diverse life beneath the surface.

#12. Most Scenic Beaches For Photography

Capturing beauty is a unique art form. When it comes to wildlife and stunning beach views, nothing quite beats the perfect backdrop for photography.

From Florida’s Palm Beach to tropical islands, some of the prettiest beaches provide a remarkable world bursting with color and life. These picturesque spots boast crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and lush foliage ready to be immortalized.

Along coastlines, wide beaches stretch beyond the eye can see. With blue waters and breathtakingly scenic views, each image captures something special that speaks of a paradise untouched by civilization.

Beach vacation spots with a beach in Florida

#13. Luxury Beach Resorts Around The World

-Luxury beach resorts offer a range of amenities for the perfect getaway.

-Snorkeling and kayaking are outdoor activities that can be enjoyed at luxury beach resorts.

-Snorkeling is a popular activity at luxury beach resorts.

-Luxury beach resorts offer on-site restaurants for guests to enjoy meals.

#14. Secluded Beach Retreats

Escape the ordinary. Experience destinations that call for adventure and tranquility all at once. Sandy havens with untouched wildlife, quaint cities bustling with life, and sun-drenched coasts beckon to be explored. Uncover quiet, idyllic hideaways around the world are ideal for romance and relaxation.

Sanibel Island in Florida offers a perfect balance of sand, sea, and nature for uncovering peace within. For luxury retreats, Hilton Head in South Carolina welcomes guests with miles of bike paths and lush greens.

-Ambergris Caye in Belize epitomizes Caribbean beach bliss, with pristine waters glistening beneath swaying palm trees and white sands calling beneath crystal waves.

-New York exudes classic charm, complete will quaint shops and romantic art galleries ideal for couples wanting to rekindle the romance.

-Castaway Island, Fiji, is lined with palm trees amidst unhurried moments at its private beachfront.

#15. Beachside Activities And Adventures

Imagination gives life to innovation. We strive to defy the “norm” to uncover hidden wonders and craft memorable experiences. You must explore deeper to break with convention when exploring a beachside paradise.

Hike breathtaking rainforests, navigate crystalline waters and explore ancient ruins. Dare to go where most won’t; we leave discoveries up to your curiosity. Snorkel through reefs, kayak amongst tranquil lagoons, and trek an active volcano – make every moment extraordinary!

Let your ambition lead the way in exploring bold new adventures that unearth beauty, fun and excitement beyond expectation!

What to Consider when Planning a Beach Vacation

1. Choose the Right Beach

When choosing a beach for a vacation, it is important to consider factors such as sand softness, water temperature, pollution levels, and views. It is also important to consider whether you want to stroll for seashells or ride waves or build sandcastles.

2. Research the Weather

Researching the weather before planning a beach vacation can help you know what to expect and how to prepare for your trip. By researching the weather, you can determine whether it is best to visit during the summer or winter months and what activities are available in each area at different times. Additionally, understanding the local climate will help you plan your packing list accordingly to have everything you need for your trip.

3. Consider the Climate

When planning a beach vacation, it is important to consider the destination’s climate. Boulders Beach in Cape Town offers cool water and little cloves, while Miami has warm weather with plenty of sun.

4. Take Into Account the Cost of The Trip

The cost of a beach vacation should be considered by comparing the different destinations worldwide. Some may be more expensive than others, but there are plenty of affordable beach destinations that won’t break the bank.

5. Research Local Attractions

1. Research beach destinations to find the perfect spot for your vacation. Consider factors such as weather, cost, and attractions nearby.

2. Browse travel websites and magazines for tips on local attractions and things to do while on vacation.

3. Visit historical sites like The Hemingway Home and Museum or the Truman Little White House if you’re visiting Florida or another historical tourist destination.

6. Research the Local Food

Exploring Jamaica’s unique food and drink scene is integral to a great beach vacation. The island’s cuisine is signature, a harmonious combination of African, European, and American flavors. Highlights include jerk chicken, oxtail stew, ackee, and saltfish as a distinctive breakfast dish, rice and peas with curry shrimp, plantain chips streaming coconut milk dip, and banana bread pudding swimming in rum sauce or ginger beer floats for dessert.

8. Think About Activities to Do

When planning a beach vacation, you should consider activities such as swimming, snorkeling or diving in the ocean or pools; relaxing on the beach or in a hammock; kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding in the water; hiking along trails that lead to scenic overlooks; playing tennis on courts with views of the ocean and mountains.

More Info About Beach Vacation Spots

What Are the Best Beach Destinations for Family Getaways?

Those seeking a beach vacation in the U.S. can opt for popular destinations such as Key West and Daytona Beach in Florida, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, or San Diego in California.

What Are the Best Beach Destinations for Snorkeling and Diving?

Exploring an underwater paradise is one of the most captivating ways to appreciate nature. To witness the immense aquatic diversity at a close range, snorkeling and diving are the best options for thrills and surprises.

*First on our list is Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Its blue water provides optimal visibility for up to 98 feet deep. Its turquoise waters provide optimal visibility for up to 98 feet deep, making this a top choice for those seeking prime wildlife encounters.

What Are Some Beach Destinations with Stunning Scenery?

Some beach destinations with stunning scenery include Bahamas at Melia Nassau Beach, which offers a sandy stretch of a Caribbean shore, outdoor pools, and accommodations. Melia Nassau Beach offers a sandy stretch of a Caribbean shore, outdoor pools, and accommodations. Oahu – Waikiki on the island of Oahu is home to numerous hotel resorts. Kewarra near Cairns offers a beautiful sandy bay, a garden filled with exotic birds, and pristine rainforest surroundings.

Where Is the Best Place for A Beach Vacation

When deciding where to go for your next beach vacation, you should consider the unique features of each location. For example, if you’re looking for an all-American experience, Cape Cod in Massachusetts offers lobster rolls and traditional beach activities like swimming and boating. For a sophisticated artsy scene, head to Laguna Beach in California or the Magic Isle (Maui) in Hawaii.

Beaches worldwide include Grace Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Bavaro Beach in the Dominican Republic, and Montego Bay in Jamaica. Key West and Daytona Beach offer family fun on Florida’s east coast, while Ocean City provides tranquil waters on Maryland’s eastern shoreline.

What Is the Nicest Beach to Go To

There are many options when choosing the nicest beach in the Caribbean. Some of the best beaches include Hilton Head Island, Shoal Bay (East), and Torrance. All three have soft white sand and are surrounded by beautiful scenery.

If you’re looking for a quiet retreat with pristine white sand, then Cape Florida State Park is an ideal choice. This 31-mile-long strip of land features some of the softest sand and offers stunning views of both land and sea.

What Beach Destinations Offer Water Sports Such as Kayaking, Fishing, and Sailing?

Water sports such as kayaking, fishing, and sailing can be enjoyed at beach destinations worldwide. Some of the best places for these activities include:

Diani Beach in Kenya; Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State; Napili Beach in Kapalua, Hawaii; Sanibel Island in Florida; Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, California; and many more.

These beaches can be found across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Africa.

What Is a Beach Vacation Destination Worth Remembering?

A beach vacation worth remembering is filled with warm sun, clear blue ocean water, and endless opportunities for fun activities. From swimming and snorkeling to gathering around a bonfire at night – a beach vacation is the perfect way to unwind and create memories with loved ones.

Pro Tip: Research the area for activities to make the most of your vacation

How to Vacation on A Beach?

Here are some suggestions to maximize your beach vacation:

– Sway to the sound of the waves. Feel the sand between your toes. Reconnect with yourself and unwind in a tranquil paradise only a beach can offer.

– Take a break from reality and relish the moment. Let go of mental stress and physical fatigue with deep breaths of salt-filled air while you watch the horizon lay before you.

– Create everlasting memories with family and friends, surrounded by breathtaking sunsets and beautiful mornings. Capture them all in photos, or keep them etched in your heart forever.

– Whether its outdoor activities or leisurely strolls, savor these moments and soak it all in as they’ll become treasured memories you’ll longingly look back on for years to come. Enjoy each day to its fullest and find peace within – let yourself be mesmerized by the beauty that lies right before your eyes!

News Headlines About Beaches and Beach Activities

According to Sports Travel Magazine, Mexico will be ramping up the hosting of Beach Volleyball World Championships: 

The 2023 Beach Volleyball World Championships will take place in Mexico across multiple cities.

This is the first time that Mexico has hosted the event, and it is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

FIVB President Ary Grasa stated that the governing body would provide coaching support to Mexico’s beach volleyball teams in preparation for next year’s World Championships. 

So if you like beach volleyball and vacationing in Mexico, this is a match! (Source)

My Private Thoughts and Experiences With Vacations Spots With Beaches

I’ve taken my share of beach vacations over the years. Solo vacations as well as beach holidays with friends and family.

One interesting thing I noticed is that who you go on vacation with can impact the destination and the experience. For instance, I’ve been on solo beach vacations to Nice and Cannes, France, enjoying the beaches, sights, and sounds. I went swimming, and although the sand in Nice was more rocky than sandy, I still worked it out. However, taking the same trip with work colleagues, first for business and then for some downtime, it is interesting that no one wanted to go swimming or sunbathe on the beach. Same trip and different people, and it results in a different experience.

The types of vacations I like the most from the list of 15 above are:

#6. Family-Friendly Beach Vacations,#3. Best Beaches In The US,#12. Most Scenic Beaches For Photography and #9. Budget-Friendly Beach Destinations. I’m sure everyone would have a different list, so I grouped the different types. Interestingly, with my new interest in snorkeling, I’ll probably be scoping out some snorkel-friendly beaches – #11. Best Beaches For Snorkeling. I can’t wait to return to Maui and try snorkeling again.


When it comes to beach vacations, there is no shortage of options. There are many amazing places to explore and enjoy, from luxurious resorts and secluded islands to vibrant cities and relaxing beach towns.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an action-packed family vacation, there is something for everyone. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and beyond, there are plenty of spectacular spots to discover and enjoy.

So, the world has something to offer if you are looking for a great beach vacation. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect destination to make your beach vacation dreams come true.