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Beach Lifestyle Photography – How to Take Lifestyle Photos at the Beach

The beach is a great escape for relaxation and enjoyment, and it’s a beautiful place to take pictures. Beach lifestyle photography uses the subject matter of a landscape and people to create memorable photographs. There are so many landscapes at the beach, so many different sites to see, so many different ways you can take a photo. It makes me wonder, how do you take beach lifestyle photographs?

To take good lifestyle photos at the beach, use a good digital camera, a tripod, and a zoom or wide-angle lens. Capture the energy, activity, or mood of the beach setting to are trying to take a photograph of. It may be necessary to adjust the camera settings to enable more creative shots and be patient. Take a lot of shots so that you have much to choose from.

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as spending a day with family and friends at the beach. But capturing great photos while enjoying such a beautiful setting can be challenging. 

Beach lifestyle photography how to take lifestyle photos at the beach

Whether you’re taking pictures of your kids playing in the sand, your dog splashing in the waves, or your spouse lounging on the deck, you’ll want to capture these moments to make them look amazing. This article will give you some great ideas and tips for capturing your view of the beach lifestyle.

Taking lifestyle beach photos is a lot like taking other photos, but there are a few essential things to remember when at the beach.

First, you need to choose a good location. It’s best to choose a beach with calm waters and interesting rock formations. You will also need to select the right time of day to get the best results. Early mornings are the best because there is less glare and the sun is not too strong. At night, the moonlight creates a soft glow. 

Second, you will need to have the right equipment. You will need a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens for lifestyle beach photos. You will also need a tripod and a remote release to avoid a camera shake.

Third, you will need to understand the basic rules of photography. For example, the rule of thirds allows you to arrange people and objects in your image in a way that adds interest.

To give some concrete examples, I’ll also write about how a few people in our scenarios choose the right equipment or lifestyle photoshoots. By looking at Ben – a retired 60-year-old, Sara – a mother of two kids, and Erica – a young marketing assistant visiting the beach with her friends, I can give some concrete examples that might help you.

Don’t worry. I’ll cover it all in this article. Keep on reading! You won’t want to miss it!

Taking photos on the beach with a digital camera

What Is Lifestyle Photography and How to Apply that On the Beach

Lifestyle photography is a type that captures people and their everyday lives. It can be done in various settings but often outdoors in natural light. Lifestyle photography is a great way to capture your brand’s personality and connect with your audience. 

Lifestyle photography captures the natural beauty of people and the beach surroundings.

Lifestyle Photography on the Beach 

Beach lifestyle photography is one of the most popular types of photography out there. People enjoy seeing pictures of themselves on the beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and relaxing.

Here are five examples of beach lifestyle photos that you can compose at the shoreline:

1. Beachside Family Photo Shoot

Take family action photos on the shoreline with kids playing on the beach and the waves crashing towards the shore.

2. Beachside Group Photo Shoot

Collect family and friends for this type of photo. Use the natural beauty of the water and the natural light.

3. Beachside Sunrise or Sunset Photo Shoot

These shots need a bit of advanced preparation. Place the camera on a tripod, set up a timer, and take multiple shots. If taking them with people in the picture, experiment with using a flash.

4. Beachside Selfie

It can be done with a tripod or a selfie stick if you use a mobile phone. Stand in front of the ocean waves and create that shot

5. Beach Sports or Boats

Taking photos of beach sports can show a lot of energy and motion. The same is true for boats and sailboats on the water. 

If you’ve traveled to beaches before and taken photos, it can sometimes be very frustrating. You try everything, but you end up with ugly or boring photos. Use your creativity and imagination to get an idea of what you want to capture. It may be that just being at the beach gives you some inspiration, so if that’s the case, take some shots with people or the waves or the scenery.

A tripod is a useful tool for beach lifestyle photography

Beach Photography with People – Some Challenges

The most common challenges associated with capturing beach photography include the need for slow shutter speeds, low light conditions, and subject motion.

One of the main challenges is ensuring that your subjects are well-composed in the scene. It means that people are all in the picture, with no strange faces or poses, and the clothes look casual and normal. You also need to make sure that you can capture the beauty of the beach and the people in the scene.

One of the main challenges is capturing candid moments without being too intrusive.

The best thing to do is practice taking many shots at different angles and exposures. These days with digital photography, the fast results you can get are amazing. 

How Does Ben Take Beach Photos? 

Let’s take the case of Ben, a retired engineer who has always had a love for photography. He would like to see and capture the beauty of the sunsets and sunsets on the beaches of different continents. Ben’s photos show the beauty of nature. All this is possible by capturing it with a professional camera setup and the proper timing.

Ben loves to take photos during his travels. Ben is very practical and makes detailed plans for every trip. He often takes full photography equipment, which he carries when traveling. Besides this, he also carries a portable travel tripod and camera remote. 

When he’s taking photos of landscapes or scenes he wants to capture in long exposures, like sunsets or sunrises, he will often set up his house in a known location with amazing sunsets. He will set up his tripod in the right spot and then take multiple shots in case the light changes during sunset.

Lifestyle photographs need a good background and angle

What Are the Best Tips for Beach Lifestyle Photography- Landscapes and People Poses

The best tips for beach lifestyle photography are to use good lighting conditions during the day and flash at night, be mindful of your camera settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, etc.), capture a wide variety of images, and always be looking for the right shot.

When it comes to beach photography of landscapes and people poses, ensure your surroundings are clean, bring a lot of light(s) with you, use different angles, try out new techniques like the fisheye lens, and use a tripod if possible and never stop learning.

The Best Tips for Taking Lifestyle Pictures at the Beach

Well, here are six tips for taking lifestyle pictures at the beach:

1. Get Close to the Waterline

Shooting close-up shots of waves crashing against the shoreline creates dramatic images. Be careful not to get too close to the Waterline, though, as you may slip into the surf.

2. Shoot Wide Shots

Wide-angle lenses allow you to capture a lot of space in a single frame. They also create a shallow depth of field, meaning that objects closer to the camera appear sharper than those farther away.

3. Use a Tripod

A tripod is a must for taking pictures at the beach. It keeps your camera steady and allows you to take longer exposures without blurring the picture.

4. Capture The Natural Beauty of the Sunrise and Sunset

Try taking beach photos during sunset or sunrise. These times of day provide beautiful colors and moods that make for stunning photos.

5. Get Close

When taking pictures at the beach, try to get closer than usual. It will allow you to capture more detail in your photo.

6. Find the Perfect Angle

When taking beach photos, try to find a spot with a nice ocean view. Try to avoid areas where there are lots of people walking around.

Sara Takes Beach Lifestyle Photos of the Family – How She Does It

Sara and Jake have decided to take their two kids, 7 and 9, on a beach holiday. The destination is Hawaii, and they are leaving in 2 weeks. They have planned the trip themselves and bought tickets, a hotel, and a car. Sara wants to get some nice photos of the kids at the beach

The kids love the beach, and she would love to take pictures of her children having fun at the beach. Sara will also choose what to prepare the kids for the photos. For instance, what kind of clothing will the children wear for the photos? Sara will dress them in comfortable clothes for playing on the beach

She might also take the kids swimming beforehand to ensure everyone is relaxed and ready for the photos. Sara will also decide what to wear herself. She chose a bathing suit which she likes with the kids and a family beach towel she will bring with them on the beach. Sara also likes taking photos of herself so that she might take a photo of herself too.

What Should You Wear on A Beach Photography Shoot?

If you are going on a beach photoshoot, it’s important to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. It can be an all-day event, so make sure you have the following:

– Sun hat

– Swimsuit

– Shorts/pants (if your shoot is outside)

– Cover up

– Water shoes

Dress appropriately for the weather. Depending on your location, you may want to include a darker coat or some extra layers if it gets chilly at night. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses!

Some tips for what to wear on a beach photography shoot are bright colors and patterns that pop against the sand and ocean backdrop. Be sure to bring layers, as the temperature can change throughout the day. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are also a must.

Catching the lifestyle on the beach at sunset

What Equipment Do I Need for Beach Photography?

You will need a digital camera, a wide-angle lens, a tripod, and a remote shutter release for beach photography.


Camera Equipment and Tips for the Beach

I’ve covered a lot about the camera equipment above. There are so many options. In my experience, having liked photography since back in the 70s, before any digital photography and having different Minolta, Nikon, and Canon cameras and lenses, it is best to start with what you have and make that work. Do you have a low-end digital camera? That’s ok. Start with that, and if you want to have better photos, understand what equipment you need and build from there. 

There are a few tips I would recommend if your budget can afford them:

Experiment with different lenses – A rarely-used lens is a fisheye, which can be bought separately. This lens allows you to have an extremely wide-angle view while taking pictures and a more interesting perspective. Another lens is the macro lens, which allows you to take close-up photos of things like tiny insects and flowers.

Underwater cameras – It’s amazing the shots you can get in Hawaii or Australia if you have an underwater camera. It’s also possible to have lifestyle photos of your kids swimming underwater or splashing around in the waves.

It is worth mentioning that while at the beach, bring a camera that can handle the sand and water. 

Smartphone Equipment and Tips for the Beach

Mobile phones with high-quality cameras are amazing these days. Depending on the brand, you can get one that nearly equals the imaging power of high-end digital cameras. The advantage, of course, is that you almost always have your mobile phone with you. For lifestyle beach photography, this is an advantage.

The most popular mobile phone applications are apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook that enable fast sharing of images you might take on the beach. The tips below can help you capture the best possible shots with your device:

– Set up a motion shot to capture the action

– Use multiple camera shots to capture different angles of the same subject

– Shoot in HDR mode for beautiful, rich photos and videos

– Get a selfie stick

– Get a tripod for your mobile phone

– Use a waterproof case and screen protector

How Erica Takes Lifestyle Photos Of Her Friends With A Smartphone

Let’s look at the decision that Erica would need to make to take lifestyle photos at the beach. The choice for Erica to take lifestyle photos at the beach is very straightforward. 

Erica decides things based on her feelings. If she is happy and laughing with her friends, she uses her mobile phone to capture the moment because it is always with her and easy. Erica enjoys taking photos and sharing them with her family and friends at the beach. The photos are usually shared via social media.

Parting Shot      

Beach lifestyle photography is a very popular form of photography because it allows people to capture beautiful images at the beach. It also allows photographers to create unique images that would not be possible anywhere else. This type of photography requires a certain skill and experience, but it’s well worth it. 

I hope my article on beach lifestyle photography helped you learn something new about taking photos at the beach. As you continue to take pictures, remember always to use the tips and techniques I’ve given here. It will help you improve your work and create better images.