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21 [Best] Beach Photo Ideas for Guys- Poses Make The Difference

Key Takeaways

  • A good beach photo captures the surrounding beauty and conveys deeper symbolic meanings.
  • Techniques such as shooting shadows and using natural light enhance the photo’s interest and depth.
  • Beach poses are popular for their fun, sexy appeal and potential to highlight one’s physique.
  • Wearing appropriate beach attire and maintaining confidence can elevate the subject’s appearance in photos.
  • Beach photography aims to immortalize the beauty, joy, and spirit of beach moments.
  • Perfect beach photos combine lighting, composition, and timing, especially during the golden hour.

Guys normally don’t have much time to think about how to take a good photo on the beach. It’s usually an afterthought, and you hope it comes out ok. If you’re a guy and you know a thing or two about photography, then you probably know that the best way to take a good picture is to be aware of your surroundings and get used to the settings before you start snapping away. But for the average guy, it may be hard to know. That makes me wonder, what are the best beach photo ideas for guys?

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21 Best Beach Photo Ideas For Guys

So, what are the 21 best beach photo ideas for guys? They are poses – #1 Thinking Pose, #2 Shadow Pose, #3 Close-up Shot, #4 Full Body Shot, #5 Group Photo, #6 Action Shot, #7 Underwater Shot, #8 Power Shot, #9 Wide Shot, #10 Portrait, #11 Headshot, #12 Closeup, #13 Three-quarter Shot, #14 Full-Length Shot, #15 Detail Shot, #16 Candid Shot, #17 Environment Shot, #18 Lifestyle Shot, #19 Still Life Shot, #20 Product Shot, #21 Editorial Shot

Taking a good beach photo has a lot to do with the surroundings. Those long stretches of sand offer many backdrops for taking photos. The best photos at the beach are ones that are taken using natural light. The beach will be filled with bright sunlight on a sunny afternoon, casting long shadows over everything.

I’ll cover this and a whole lot more, like best poses, steps to take when using a smartphone at the beach, and a few perspectives. Keep on reading, you won’t want to miss it!

What Are the Best Beach Photo Ideas for Guys?

There are many great beach photo ideas for guys, but not everyone knows how to capture these moments. The beach poses for men are often focused on showcasing muscular physiques and athletic abilities.

Here’s a collection of 21 ideas to help you get the perfect shot every time

1. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Thinking Pose

The “thinking pose” is a great beach photo idea because it shows off your back and the ocean. The pose is simple and symbolic, signifying your journey toward deep thoughts.

The perfect beach photo has the photographer thinking and looking in a certain direction.

The thinking pose is a great photo idea because it shows personality and captures the natural light on the beach. Other great beach photo ideas include photos of people sunbathing, photos of waves crashing, and photos of people in boats. To take a beach photo that captures the moment’s feeling, you need to sit down and shoot from a symbolic perspective. To create a symbolic beach photograph, wear clothing that reflects your personality and includes accessories like sunglasses.

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2. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Shadow Photo

1. Shoot shadows to add an extra layer of interest to your beach photos.

2. Use natural light, but be careful of the shadows cast by the sun.

3. Activate your camera’s flash to avoid casting shadows on your models’ faces.

4. Take a shadow photo of someone on the beach to create a unique photo.

5. Take close-ups of people to get the best results.

3. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Close-up Shot

Try being near the water’s edge to take a close-up shot of the beach. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and angle your camera to capture the subject’s profile well. If you want to capture more of the surroundings, take a shot from a higher vantage point. Take the photo with the subject in the middle or off to the side for different approaches to the close-up shot.

4. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Full Body Shot

Shoot full-body shots of guys on the beach to show their entire bodies. This type of beach photo will make them look bigger than life.

-Try shooting from above to capture the beauty of the sky and sea.

-Get creative with props to give your beach photos a new dimension.

-Add a sense of movement to your beach photo by having your subjects move around

5. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Group Photo

To take a great group photo on the beach, use props, camera settings, and fun!

Prop Suggestions include sandals, sunglasses, boogie boards, and umbrellas. Choose a scenic setting with plenty of trees nearby for beautiful backdrops. Take photos of friends posing together in front of beautiful scenery it will be an amazing memory you’ll never forget. Don’t allow any passive shots with the group, go for movement and action.

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6. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Action Shot

One of the coolest ideas for guys to take at the beach is the action shot. It involves capturing a person doing an action and making it look really cool. It is a great idea for the guys that know how to surf or play a sport because they can show off their skills. Movement is the key to this shot. If the movement isn’t dynamic enough in the photo, it will look boring and unexciting. 

7. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Underwater Shot

It does take an extra step to get waterproof protection for your camera, but it is worth it. For this underwater shot, you want to get down really low to shoot from below the surface level and make the subject look bigger in the photo. This is a great idea for a snorkeled or someone playing in the ocean. A wave crashing into the shore is a pretty good backdrop for this shot too!

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8. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Power Shot

A beach photo power shot is one in which the subject projects “power” by positioning his arms, legs, and body in a way that looks powerful. In addition, you can also include objects such as a chair or umbrella in the background to create depth and perspective in the photo. When taking photos of people in this type of pose, try to shoot them from a low angle with a wide-angle lens so they fill most of the frame. If shooting at the beach at sunset, use a slow shutter speed to create a blurred background with a shallow depth of field.

-Stand and put your hands on your hips

-Stare without smiling, looking focused and intense

-Keep your arms open, giving a confident feeling 

9. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Wide Shot

A wide shot captures a lot – landscape, sky, sand, water, activity and yet still keeps the guy subject as the main focus point. Here are a few ideas:

-Explore the coastline, capturing the pristine beauty of the golden sand and clear blue waters in every direction.

-Lounge on the beach, taking in the sea breeze and a view of the sunset while you soak up some sun, showing all that is experienced.

-Grab a fishing rod and head out to sea in a boat and show all the activity that is happening

10. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Portrait

Try full-standing portraits or even side portraits. To get that perfect portrait shot, experiment as well using sunset lighting to create dramatic shadows. You can also experiment with different posing techniques and props to give your photos an extra pop. Beach portraits are great to send to family and friends on social media. 

11. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Headshot

The headshot has become one of the most common beach photo ideas for men. If you want to improve your beach photo ideas for males, here are some tips to get started.

  • Start With the Face
  • Focus on the Eyes
  • Pick an expression that looks good (like thoughtful, excited, smiling)

12. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Closeup

Take closeup beach photos of yourself that show off your facial features and expressions. Pose in different ways to capture an interesting effect. Try using a closeup to give a more personal feel to your photos.

13. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Three-Quarter Shot

To capture a great beach shot, focus on the upper half of the body and look into the camera lens. Look for interesting backgrounds to add interest to your photo. Try playing with waves for a more random look. Stand tall and take a good three-quarter shot to capture the perfect beach photo!

14. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Full-Length Shot

Looking into the camera lens, take a full-length shot of your handsome self standing on the beach. Utilize bright colors and lighter ones to add an air of excitement to your photo. Pose in front of some serene waves or towering beach sand dunes for an incredible portrait. Capture the feeling of being at the beach relax and enjoy the sun and sand!

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15. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Detail Shot

If you want to take great beach photos for men, focus on posing and detail shots. Try out different poses and shoot in different settings to find the perfect shot. Use light and shadow to create an interesting look for your model. To take a great beach photo, follow these tips:

  • Pose for detail shots
  • Look for blue and ocean views
  • Use light to your advantage
  • Shoot in wet or watery conditions

16. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Candid Shot

To take a candid beach photo for men, focus on your upper half and try to look at any other place but the camera.

  • Keep your shape looking good, and avoid looking too posed.
  • Shoot silhouettes of your friends to add interest to your beach photos.
  • Experiment with different photo ideas to get the best results. 

17. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Environment Shot

Guys love the beach for its scenery, sand, sun, and waves. Shoot an environment shot of the beach in the third person to show off all its beauty. You can shoot a sunset or blue hour photo for a truly romantic scene. Additionally, you can capture a nice picture of the beach without anyone in it if you want to showcase its tranquility and natural beauty.

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18. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Lifestyle Shot

Showcase the beach lifestyle and how you interact in it. Show what you do at the beach, how you spend your time there, and who you’re with your buddies or your family. Use some props such as surfboards, fishing poles, or other beach items to get the perfect shot. 

19. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Still Life Shot

Experiment with hand tricks and compositions to take a great still-life beach photo.

-Shoot during evening hours to capture a more romantic atmosphere.

-Take still-life beach photos by being sincere and childlike.

-Have a bachelor or bachelorette party on the beach and take cool pictures of them enjoying life.

20. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Product Shot

Choose the subject’s favorite sunglasses and hat, position him/her against a gorgeous backdrop of beach sand or the ocean, and start snapping away! Make sure you use a shallow depth of field to focus attention on your subject.

If the subject has a favorite shirt or sandal, focus on that in this shot and blur out the background even more!

21. Beach Photo Ideas for Guys: The Editorial Shot

What Are the Best Beach Poses for Guys Posing Alone? – a Few Key Poses

The best beach photo poses for guys can be found in the list above and the ones that work best when they are alone are #1 The Thinking Pose and #2 The Shadow Photo. A few others are

  • #6 The Action Shot
  • #7 The Underwater Shot
  • #8 The Power Shot
  • #10 The Portrait  

In this shot, we use the beach as a backdrop to editorial-style shots of a model or actors. Because you’re shooting outside, you’ll want to use a fast shutter speed and a lens with a bit of zoom range to get a wide frame of your subject. You can also play with perspective by putting the subject on a surfboard and shooting at a high or low angle for an even more dramatic effect. This shot will work great for a fashion campaign or swimwear brand, showing how the product looks in everyday situations.

What Are Some Tips for Taking a Good Beach Photo?

A few good tips are to use a tripod, keep the camera still while taking the picture, and avoid shooting into the sunlight. Others include taking multiple shots and angles of the same subject, using props like shells or sunglasses, and finding a nice background. I wrote a few full articles on beach photography, perhaps one of them might interest you: 



Table #1. Top 8 Poses for Guys for A Great Photo

Pose Action Description
Pose #1 Solo portrait Sit or stand by yourself on the beach
Pose #2 With good friends Have a few friends with you and pose together
Pose #3 With Girlfriend Make a close romantic photo with your girlfriend
Pose #4 Action sports on beach Play beach volleyball or throw a football. The more movement the better
Pose #5 Action sports on water Kayaking, snorkeling, or even jetski makes this photo pose possible
Pose #6 Showing muscle poses Show off your biceps or chest muscles, posing confidently
Pose #7 Relaxing pose Kickback on the beach either sitting down, standing or with props
Pose #8 Deep thought pose Stare looking out at the beautiful ocean, even better at sunrise or sunset

Why Beach Poses Are So Powerful At Attracting Women

Beach poses attract women because they are sexy and fun. The most obvious reason is that these poses make you look good. But there’s another side to this story. Your body looks great from every angle when you’re wearing a swimsuit. This makes it easy for people to take pictures of you without making you feel self-conscious. You’ll also get lots of compliments when you’re posing for photos.

So if you want to attract women, take advantage of your skills of posing on the beach and give it a try to get their attention. For instance, a confident beach pose for men is to flex the biceps and smile confidently.

Five Hottest Body Language Poses that Instantly Boost Confidence for Guys and Used on The Beach

Body language poses that instantly boost your confidence are:

  1. Eye Contact
  2. Head Tilt
  3. Open Arm and Hand Gestures
  4. Power Poses 
  5. Smiling

Use these poses on the beach and in combination with the 21 poses above to increase your confidence 

Show how to pose on the beach so that you look great and feel great.

Learn How To Pose On The Beach Like A Pro

The best part of posing on the beach is that there are no rules! There’s no right or wrong way to do it. If you want to show off your physique, go ahead! But if you don’t care about showing off, then keep it simple. Just relax and let your body move naturally.

Pose on the beach so that your body looks good and feels good. This is something that we do every day without thinking much about it.

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You can go out onto the beach and start walking around. But if you want to get the most out of this activity, then there are some things that you should know before doing any poses. For example, you must make sure that your body is well-balanced and aligned.

Table #2. 9 Steps for Guys to Take a Great Beach Pose Photograph

Step Action Description
Step #1 Choose a good time to take your photo Beach photos taken at sunrise or sunset add to the atmosphere
Step #2 Select a unique landscape Use cliffs or palm trees in the landscape to match with the blue water and white sand
Step #3 Use a tripod A tripod will make taking any photos you take a bit easier
Step #4 Use a monochrome preset Monochrome presets will give you options for your photos during post-processing
Step #5 Make use of the clouds Pay attention to how clouds can affect the light, especially in sunrise or sunset photos
Step #6 Use exposure braketing Exposure braketing gives you more chances to get the perfect shot
Step #7 Use spot metering Kickback on the beach either sitting down, standing or with props
Step #8 Use beach photo settings Use beach photo settings to your advantage so you always get a great photo
Step #9 Adjust white balance Be sure to adjust white balance when shooting in midday sun at the beach

How Can I Make My Beach Photos More Stylish?

One of the ways is to follow the basic rule of fashion. Fashion is a way of dressing your body in such a way that you look attractive and presentable. Use those sunglasses that give you that super-cool look. Wear beach clothes that highlight our assets and hide our flaws.

Similarly, when you go out for a photo shoot at the beach, you should focus on the body parts you want to show and hide those that are undesirable. Put your best self forward when taking beach photo shoots.

Some Perspectives on Guys Taking Photos At The Beach or Being the Subject of The Photo

What Are the Best Beach Photo Locations?

Just about any beach location will work for taking photos on the beach for guys, but not all beaches have the best combination of elements for capturing that cool photo. Choose beaches that:

What Are the Best Beach Photo Pose Outfits?

Some of the best beach photo pose outfits for men are simple. Take off your shirt, roll your sleeves up past your wrists and wear shorts or a pair of pants that are a little loose. Avoid tight-fitting clothing as they tend to make you look bigger and heavier than you actually are.

It’s generally best to avoid wearing a jacket on the beach as well; a windbreaker is a better choice. Remember, you want to show off as much of your body as possible while still looking

What Colors Are Best for Beach Photos?

White is the perfect color for a beach photoshoot because it helps you stay cool in the hottest climates. Bright and bold colors are the best for beach photos. Be careful not to mix bright colors with other shades, and make sure your outfit includes a white or black bottom to offset the color. Coordinating with friends adds interest to your photos.

How Do I Take an Aesthetic Beach Photo

To get great beach photos, be creative and experiment with your photography. Follow the rule of thirds and capture photos during the “magic hours.” Be inventive in your choice of subjects, lighting, and composition.

How Can a Guy Look More Attractive in Pictures

A guy can look more attractive in beach pictures by looking slimmer, getting good tan lines, and acting more confident. Pay attention to certain poses, like power poses, that increase confidence.

  • Guys should act confident and act happy in beach pictures.
  • Guys should avoid looking sad or worried.
  • Wear beach colors that make you look attractive 

How Do Guys Practice Posing for Pictures

If you’re looking to take some amazing beach photos of your male subjects, here are a few tips that can help make the process a lot easier.

First and foremost, always be playful when posing your guys. Remember to keep the mood light and enjoy yourselves while shooting! The photos will come out great if everyone is having fun.

Secondly, try to get close to your subjects and make them feel comfortable. This will help you capture their natural beauty in an intimate setting. You’ll create more professional-looking shots in the end by limiting background noise and avoiding distracting elements like waves crashing against the shore.

Finally, use additional accessories or props to hide certain areas of their body if needed. This can add dimension and interest to their appearance, making them look even more attractive than before!


So there you have some ideas for guys to take great beach photos. I’ve covered the subject in general and then some of my own ideas about what a person can do to take great beach photos. From here on out you can experiment with these ideas. You got this, take these tips, go to the beach and have fun taking memories!

Frequently Asked Questions‍

What Is Beach Photography?

Beach photography is the art of capturing the beauty and essence of the beach through photographs. It involves capturing different elements such as the sand, sea, sky, and people enjoying their time at the beach.

What Is a Beach Photoshoot?

A beach photoshoot is a photo session that takes place at the beach. It can be a professional shoot with models or a casual session with friends or family. The purpose is to capture beautiful beach moments and create lasting memories.

How Can I Get Beach Stock Photos?

You can find men’s beach poses in beach stock photos. Many are royalty-free images that can be used for various purposes such as websites, blogs, or promotional materials. There are several websites and stock photo agencies where you can purchase or download beach stock photos.

What Are Some Ideas for A Beach Photoshoot?

There are countless ideas for a beach photoshoot. Some popular ideas include capturing sunset moments, candid family photos, creative poses for men, silhouette shots, and fun beach pictures. The key is to be creative and experiment with different techniques and angles.

What Are Some Photography Poses for Men at The Beach?

Some popular photography poses for men at the beach include standing or sitting by the water, playing with sand, jumping or running on the beach, lying down on a beach chair, or simply enjoying the view. The poses should reflect the natural and relaxed vibe of the beach.

How Can I Take Perfect Beach Photos?

To take perfect beach photos, consider the lighting conditions, composition, and the elements present at the beach. Timing is important, so shooting during the golden hour (early morning or late afternoon) can result in stunning photos. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to add interest to your shots.

What Are Some Fun Beach Picture Ideas?

Fun beach picture ideas include jumping in the air, building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, flying a kite, or even doing handstands by the water. The goal is to capture the joy and carefree spirit of the beach.

What Are Some Photography Techniques for Beach Photography?

Some photography techniques for beach photography include using long exposure to capture the motion of waves or people, using props such as beach chairs or umbrellas to add interest to the composition, and incorporating reflections from wet sand or shallow pools of water.

How Can I Capture a Beautiful Sunset on The Beach?

To capture a beautiful sunset on the beach, position yourself in a way that allows the sun to be in the frame. Experiment with different settings on your camera to find the ideal exposure and color balance. Silhouettes of people or objects can add a dramatic effect to the sunset shot.

What Are Some Photography Poses for A Family at The Beach?

Some photography poses for a family at the beach include walking hand in hand along the shore, sitting or lying down together on a beach towel, playing in the water, or forming a human pyramid in the sand. It’s important to capture the bond and joy within the family.